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Savannah Brooks
Literary Agent
associate agent at @jdlitagency // essayist // MMA fighter // mom to one (1) bicycle, one (1) motorcycle, and two (2) rats 🐀 // she/her 🏳️‍🌈
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Finally got back at it. November’s #readinglist:
- All of Us with Wings
- Look Both Ways*
- Wilder Girls*
- Open Mic Night at Westminster Cemetery
- The Agony House*
- Sawkill Girls*
- Technically, You Started It
- The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein*


Anne Tibbets
Literary Agent
Lit Agent @ D4EO, Author & Book Doctor. SCREAMS FROM THE VOID ('21), EXTINCTION BIOME as Addison Gunn, THE LINE Series as me. She/Her.
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Hubs just pitched me a book at dinner: #Mswl a Frankenstein prequel about the Monster as a serial killer PRE-RESURRECTION and then through the procedure. I'd request to read that so fast your bolts would spin.

Carrie Pestritto⁷
Literary Agent
Literary agent and audio rights director at @LDLiterary ! Avid home decorator. Always promising friends to go with them to Pilates. Never do.
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Does anyone have a book that can comp The Frankenstein Chronicles??? #mswl