Amy Boggs @notjustanyboggs · Mar 18 2016

Q9: Fantasy. Premise, stakes, characters, yes, all just what I like. And the writing hits it! A little editing, but solid! More! #querylunch

Amy Boggs @notjustanyboggs · Jul 15 2015

Q10: YA fantasy. Enticing first line of query. Great premise. Needs line-by-line edit but strong enough to see more. #querylunch

Amy Boggs @notjustanyboggs · Jun 26 2015

Q8: UF. The premise and charm of the query voice makes it stand out. Same with the writing voice. More please. #querylunch

Amy Boggs @notjustanyboggs · Apr 28 2015

Q9: YA fantasy. Ooh, lovely query. World, character, stakes all there and compelling. Pages are great. More please! #querylunch