Laura Zats @LZats · 2d

Q297: Super geeky C YA. I’ll bite! Request #500queries

Laura Zats @LZats · 3d

Q296: humorous SFF is hard for me, but this one piqued my interest. I’ll give it a shot. Request. #500queries

Laura Zats @LZats · 4d

Q289: as I’ve mentioned before, hist YA is a hard sell, but this one hit ALL the buttons! Request! #500queries

Laura Zats @LZats · 5d

Q286: C Rom with a chef. I’m a huge foodie, so I’ll give it a try. Request #500queries

Laura Zats @LZats · 5d

Q285: MG. Feels very much like the book I was saddest to have missed out on last year. REQUEST #500queries

Laura Zats @LZats · May 18

Q281: C Romance. Query was a bit long, but the addition of a forced proximity plot made this rote story seem a bit fresh, so I’ll give it a few pages. Request. #500queries

Laura Zats @LZats · May 18

Q278: Super queer historical fantasy. Request! #500queries

Laura Zats @LZats · May 18

Q277: This query could be streamlined some, but I’m intrigued by the concept of this C YA. Sorta like Dumplin’! Request #500queries

Laura Zats @LZats · May 15

Q262: It wasn’t the plot of this YA F that pulled me in, it was the world, and the details given. Request! #500queries

Laura Zats @LZats · May 14

Q260: C Romance with a good hook and a heroine I’ve never seen before. Request! #500queries

Laura Zats @LZats · May 11

Q255: Hist R. Set in a super rare time period and has a great concept. REQUEST #500queries

Laura Zats @LZats · May 8

Q239: I don’t mind a satirical SF now and then. This one I’ll give a hesitant shot at. Request #500queries

Laura Zats @LZats · May 4

Q230: Literary SF that is very much in my wheelhouse. Request. #500queries

Laura Zats @LZats · May 4

Q229: Like Ready Player One but not garbage. Request. #500queries

Laura Zats @LZats · Apr 30

Q207: This YA F is too short, but it reminds me of one of my favorite Doctor Who episodes, so I’ll take a peek. Request. #500queries

Laura Zats @LZats · Apr 27

Q202: This romp of a space opera might not be a great fit for my list, but I still want to look at it. Request #500queries

Laura Zats @LZats · Apr 24

Q191: Good world, cool mythology. I want this YA F! Request! #500queries

Laura Zats @LZats · Apr 19

Q176: Queer witches. Yep. Request. #500queries

Laura Zats @LZats · Apr 18

Q169: Comps are all wrong, but the pitch is really solid and the idea intriguing, Request. #500queries

Laura Zats @LZats · Apr 17

Q159: ACTUAL EROTICA! Hallelujah! Request. #500queries