An annual pitching event for un-agented, self-identifying historically marginalized authors & illustrators. Next event: October 11, 2023 (on Discord)

#DVpit is a pitch event created to showcase pitches from un-agented, marginalized voices that have been historically underrepresented in publishing. This may include (but is not limited to): Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC); people living and/or born/raised in marginalized, underrepresented cultures and countries; disabled persons (includes neurodivergence and mental illness); people on marginalized ends of the cultural and/or religious spectrum; people identifying within LGBTQIA+; and more. Any decisions regarding eligibility are yours to make. Creators are not obligated to disclose anything they do not feel comfortable with and are not required to pitch only work that reflects their own identity, though that is certainly welcome!

#DVpit is an annual event that will occur over two days in October and will include #DVart for artists.