A Call to Arms!

To join the word war, first Register an account or Sign in.


1. Go to the war page. If the count down is yellow and the text above it says "Next war in", the war hasn't started yet. Click "Join" and wait for the war to begin.

If the count down is red and the text above it says "The war is on", the war has already begun. You can join the war at any time by clicking "War". If there is little time left, consider waiting for the next war.

You can see the people warring with you on the left. If you're warring alone, and want company, invite some friends to participate.

2. Once the war begins, open your favorite text editor and write away until the count down runs out.

3. When the war ends, the page will refresh, and you will be provided with a form to enter your word count. Count the words you have written, and enter the number. If for some reason you didn't write any words, click "Discard".

4. For your convenience, you can quit the war at any time, and enter your word count or discard it. You can also rejoin the war you had quit.

5. Once you submit your word count, it will redirect you to the war page. There you can see the results of the war. If instead of the word count you see "Pending", this participant hasn't entered their word count yet. Wait a little and hit "Refresh". You can also revisit this page later.

Remember, even if you war alone, or your word count is low, these are still the words you haven't had before. Your word count counts toward your total word count on the site, and once you reach a certain number, you will level up. You might even end up in the Hall of Fame.

Now go and try it for yourself.

Good luck!

Level 1



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