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Diana M. Pho πŸ“š @writersyndrome · Mar 23

sqq’s πŸ‘ @huaslians

OH MY GOD????????? pic.twitter.com/QqzUzsD6aD

**big anime tears** This is everything I've always wanted today: #MSWL big silly queer quarantine romcom with every A03 trope evar much love yes

Diana M. Pho πŸ“š @writersyndrome · Feb 17

#MSWL: women at the front lines in places that mainstream history forgot


Diana M. Pho πŸ“š @writersyndrome · Feb 8

Finally watched The Lighthouse and that is the creepy, atmospheric, unreliable narrator, secret-laden, seagull-as-terror, "neither person's the better one", dramatic monologuing, post-Lovecraftian horror I'm looking for #mswl

Diana M. Pho πŸ“š @writersyndrome · Feb 5

For #MSWL in horror

- Creepy Southern/Western Americana or non-Western world Gothic

- horror that interrogates sociopolitical fears

- anything you can see Bruce Campbell starring in

- no exploitative violence against femmes and POC pls

Diana M. Pho πŸ“š @writersyndrome · Feb 5

For #MSWL in adult sci-fi/ fantasy:

- contemporary fantasy that's "city as character"

- anything that reminds me of a CW show (lol)

- positive climate fiction

- near-futuristic SF with anti-capitalist critique in the vein of PARASITE

Diana M. Pho πŸ“š @writersyndrome · Feb 5

Diana M. Pho πŸ“š @writersyndrome

In light of the continuing clusterf*ck in the book world, popping up on your feed to casually mention

1) I'm one of the handful of QWOC editors at a Big 5

2) I'm in a buying mood for more SF/F/H for adult YA & MG

3) My list is majority queer and POC authors. And I'd love more.

I have some #MSWL asks floating that I'd love to see:

For young adult:

M. T. Anderson's Feed for the post-Instagram, post-TikTok generation

a YA version of The Wire (but with more funny bits and maybe an explosion or two).

a modern queer version of Ten Things I Hate about You

Diana M. Pho πŸ“š @writersyndrome · Jan 16

New year, new updates! I revised my #MSWL Profile with what I'm looking for in 2020. Boost away!

(Agented manuscripts only)


Diana M. Pho πŸ“š @writersyndrome · 15 Apr 2019

hey hey hey, I just updated my #MSWL profile to include what I'm looking for Nightfire, our new horror imprint