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Mari Kesselring @marikesselring · Feb 17

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And one more: Siblings! Can I see some middle-grade stories featuring siblings--maybe a dual perspective approach? Maybe they love each other. Maybe they...don't. #MSWL

Mari Kesselring @marikesselring · Feb 17

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How about some humor, y'all! It's the bleak of winter here in Minnesota. Send me you hilarious middle-grade manuscripts, yeah? #MSWL

Mari Kesselring @marikesselring · Feb 17

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I want a middle-grade female protagonist, who has some type of unusual or interesting hobby. A junior DJ? A dirt bike racer? A detective? A pet psychic?!? #MSWL

Mari Kesselring @marikesselring · Feb 17

Hello writers and agents! I'm on the hunt for some contemporary middle grade to acquire for @JollyFishPress! Details in this thread... #MSWL

Mari Kesselring @marikesselring · Jan 13

#MSWL Who has a dynamic, edge-of-your-seat YA thriller for me?! #YAthriller @fluxbooks

Mari Kesselring @marikesselring · Jan 8

#MSWL Anyone have a YA or middle-grade fiction manuscript that focuses around an extreme sport? Would love to get into the head of a daredevil protagonist!

Mari Kesselring @marikesselring · 24 Sep 2019

And, finally, who has a truly humorous YA for me? I'm thinking ME, EARL, AND THE DYING GIRL level of wittiness. #MSWL

Mari Kesselring @marikesselring · 24 Sep 2019

And, again, across YA and MG, still looking for #ownvoices manuscripts conveying living with a chronic health condition and any other types of "survivor narratives," again #ownvoices preferred. #MSWL

Mari Kesselring @marikesselring · 24 Sep 2019

YA: All genres, but especially would love some character-driven sci-fi right now. Show me some teenage characters who are changing the world (thank you #GretaThunberg!!!), teenage comedians (like professional stand-up comics), something new (and non-western) in fantasy #MSWL

Mari Kesselring @marikesselring · 24 Sep 2019

Middle grade: looking for page turners, sci-fi, mysteries, and HUMOR please! Also, always fantasy! More diverse friendships among characters. Would love a dual (or multi) perspective MG too. #MSWL

Mari Kesselring @marikesselring · 24 Sep 2019

Historical fiction (MG or YA), especially featuring underrepresented voices. Seriously, who has a Downton Abbey-inspired YA for me? Books set more in recent history (like..sigh...the 1980s and 1990s) would also be awesome to see. #MSWL

Mari Kesselring @marikesselring · 24 Sep 2019

#MSWL YA and middle grade fiction only. (cont.)

Mari Kesselring @marikesselring · 26 Jun 2019

There is not enough representation of people with chronic illness (whether visible or not) in literature.
I would LOVE to see an #ownvoices YA featuring a protagonist with a chronic illness. The story needs to be told. #MSWL

Mari Kesselring @marikesselring · 7 May 2019

Looking for some great middle-grade fiction (contemporary or fantasy preferred) with supportive adult figures! Parents (of any "type") who aren't villains. BUT, I still want the MC to have the agency in the story. Does your book do this? Yes? Send it my way! #MSWL

Mari Kesselring @marikesselring · 17 Apr 2019

Looking for the most fantastical, unique, shiny, sparkly, and FAST PACED #middlegrade fantasy novel out there. Where are you? Query info here:
Address to me! #MSWL

Mari Kesselring @marikesselring · 12 Sep 2018

I wish for:
YA featuring teen protestors
YA high fantasy or sci-fi with non-romantic m/f friendship, teaming up together but not falling in love
MG "mean girl" antidote, girls who support each other through middle school's challenges

Mari Kesselring @marikesselring · 14 Jun 2018

Okay. I've been looking for this for awhile. Who has a YA contemporary featuring a teenage stand-up comedian? #MSWL I know you're out there somewhere... Submission guidelines here:

Mari Kesselring @marikesselring · 12 Feb 2018

Watching figure skating last night, and I'm like where's an awesome YA with a figure skating focus? Maybe a thriller/mystery, Black Swan-ish? #MSWL

Mari Kesselring @marikesselring · 20 Dec 2017

Who has a fresh take on the mermaid trend for MG? I know you're out there. I want a middle-grade mermaid manuscript sooo much! #MSWL