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Angela James @angelajames · Apr 1

I'm looking to acquire a paranormal (romance) series featuring witches. I'm also looking for paranormal mystery (with or without some touches of humor but with definite touches of romance). Perhaps these two things could be combined? I would be cool with that! #MSWL

Angela James @angelajames · 18 May 2018

Melinda @mutendorf

@LovettRomance @_LucyParker @anacoqui @JoyfullyReviewd @mektastic Love fated mates - it helps me buy insta-love more easily and my suspension of disbelief in PNR is instant as well. #RomBkLove

Fated mates. Insta-love. PNR. Low conflict romance. Vampires. Characters in their 40s. I'm telling you, I love all the things that people say "don't work" but I see readers loving on all the time. I want to publish all these things. In one book, even! #MSWL #RomBkLove

Angela James @angelajames · 20 Apr 2018

Angela James @angelajames

Said it yesterday, I'll say it again today: here for this.…

Okay, @ronanedits told me to add this to #mswl so you'll all know my seriousness and I'm ever obedient! But just to say, this isn't a new wish for me, so bring it on, please!

Angela James @angelajames · 7 Jun 2017

A few things I'm hoping for in #carinapitch #MSWL: contemp Alaska-set romance, #ownvoices, contemp Italy-set romance, any GREAT grovel.

Angela James @angelajames · 23 Mar 2017

For #MSWL wishes: for my personal list, currently very interested in paranormal, male/male, #ownvoices & something high romance/low conflict

Angela James @angelajames · 17 Feb 2016

Angela James @angelajames

Last week I tweeted some of my #MSWL submission wishlist. I'm going to RT them today for those who missed them!

Submissions wanted: Someone asked; we're open to diversity in all areas.We've always been,that's not changed! #MSWL

Angela James @angelajames · 11 Feb 2016

Last one today! Give us an incredible taboo or forbidden love story, maybe unconventional pairings(w/an HEA!) #MSWL

Angela James @angelajames · 11 Feb 2016

#MSWL Sexy space/#SFF romance w/alien warrior hero. Please.

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Angela James @angelajames · 11 Feb 2016

Wanted: Romance w/mature characters in late 30s/40s. Virgins need not apply! #MSWL

Angela James @angelajames · 11 Feb 2016

Contemporary cowboy romance wanted. Rodeo, ranch, foreign location. If there's a unique twist, even better. #MSWL

Angela James @angelajames · 27 Jan 2016

What if these 2 were heroes in a #PNR world, shifters who move from enemies to lovers? #MSWL Write it for me, go!