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Elle Keck @ElleKeck · 24 Sep 2019

Elle Keck @ElleKeck

I need Mexican and Mexican-American authors on my list!! Extra extra points for stories steeped in California Mexican culture because I miss it so much #MSWL

I'm not normally a "foodie" reader but I would read the crap out of an enemies to lovers romance about rival restaurant owners, one who serves CaliMex (THE BEST) and one who serves TexMex. As long as CaliMex wins, obviously #MSWL

Elle Keck @ElleKeck · 24 Sep 2019

I have so many #MSWL but something I really want are romances from East Asian/Asian-American authors!

Elle Keck @ElleKeck · 15 May 2019

I've been wanting this for so long but: someone PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE send me a historical romance that takes place in Mexico/California in the 1800s. Mexican or Mexican-American author please! There's so much to explore and I want it all plus a love story! #MSWL

Elle Keck @ElleKeck · 24 Feb 2017

Haven't done a #MSWL lately and something I've been wanting for a while feels very appropriate. #OwnVoices Muslim romances plzzz

Elle Keck @ElleKeck · 4 Mar 2016

I'm obsessed with Highwaymen/Robin Hood figures. Please! They're so high on #mswl And if the woman is Robin Hood, even better! #AskAvonBks

Elle Keck @ElleKeck · 4 Mar 2016

A super hot, sexy sports romance series with alpha heroes and smart heroines is always at the top of #mswl #AskAvonBks

Elle Keck @ElleKeck · 4 Mar 2016

On #mswl, I would LOVE a great cross-dressing heroine who fools everyone, including the hero! #AskAvonBks