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Annie Nybo @AnnieNybo · 24 Mar 2018

Playing HZD The Frozen Wilds... I want to read 100 books about Aloy, Ikrie, and Varga having adventures. Their banter would be AMAZING. #fanficwishlist but tbh, #mswl too.

Annie Nybo @AnnieNybo · 20 Feb 2018

#mswl YA summer love/ light & fluffy story about teens who work at a bowling alley where they manually reset the pins, ala

Annie Nybo @AnnieNybo · 19 Sep 2017

#MSWL YA about a girl who sells fake haunted dolls on eBay, but strange things start happening. Is one of the dolls actually haunted?

Annie Nybo @AnnieNybo · 12 Sep 2017

I need to see the self-destruction of the BoJack Horseman Sarah-Lynne storyline redeemed... YA #MSWL?

Annie Nybo @AnnieNybo · 12 Sep 2017

Always love toxic friendships, toxic relationships, learning how to set boundaries for MG or YA #MSWL

Annie Nybo @AnnieNybo · 12 Sep 2017

For my video game buds: the slow reveal of past horrors in Horizon: Zero Dawn is exactly what I want in a YA or MG. #MSWL

Annie Nybo @AnnieNybo · 12 Sep 2017

Pitching a YA nonfiction title: "Modesty, Schmodesty" #feminism #MSWL

Annie Nybo @AnnieNybo · 12 Sep 2017

Nonfiction about the dangers of purity culture is always high on my list. #MSWL

Annie Nybo @AnnieNybo · 12 Sep 2017

YA about a girl picking a college based on signs from the universe-definitely not how I picked a school why would you even think that #MSWL

Annie Nybo @AnnieNybo · 12 Sep 2017

I want the next Gravity Falls--lightly creepy chapter book/young MG series about siblings who actually get a long. #MSWL

Annie Nybo @AnnieNybo · 10 Nov 2016

Anyone writing YA or MG books about purity/modesty culture? I would love to amplify that. #MSWL

Annie Nybo @AnnieNybo · 11 Feb 2016

I'm really looking for literary middle grade fiction right now, about anything. Dead parents? Lost dog? School play? #MG #LF #MSWL

Annie Nybo @AnnieNybo · 10 Feb 2016

A 9th century Viking woman buried with ring that says 'for Allah' on it Vikings traded with Abbasid Caliphate #MSWL

Annie Nybo @AnnieNybo · 10 Feb 2016

I realize St. Trinian's is already a book, but I'm all about boarding school hi-jinks. #MSWL.

Annie Nybo @AnnieNybo · 27 Jan 2016

Guys, did you know that the Lizzie Borden house is a bed and breakfast now? I would ABSOLUTELY read a book about that. #MSWL

Annie Nybo @AnnieNybo · 25 Jan 2016

I would love a witty, intelligent middle grade like Jasper Fforde's The Last Dragonslayer. #MSWL