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Julia Yuletide Emoji McCarthy @thejumbles · Feb 12

Hello! I am on the hunt for a dark, magical YA that has elements of romance but is more largely focused on Some Grand Mystery/Threat, in the vein of Chime or The Witch of Blackbird Pond. Gimme that spooky, transportive grit, especially if it’s from a BIPOC perspective! #MSWL

Julia Yuletide Emoji McCarthy @thejumbles · 7 Oct 2019

Hi, I am always in the mood for spooky, feminist witch stories, so that’s a hard #MSWL right there for ya

Julia Yuletide Emoji McCarthy @thejumbles · 6 Aug 2019

I want to believe that stories can change hearts. I’m actively seeking stories about immigrants, refugees, and the marginalized, so please send me your graphic novels, your picture books, your YA, your MG! Love and empathy and awareness can be radical. #MSWL

Julia Yuletide Emoji McCarthy @thejumbles · 2 Jul 2019

Um WOW I am finally reading Circe by @MillerMadeline and I am completely smitten. Give me witchcraft and lore and lush words and write it as YA, please! #MSWL

Julia Yuletide Emoji McCarthy @thejumbles · 20 Jun 2019

I just learned that mummies require passports in order to travel and that is now 100000% on my #MSWL

Julia Yuletide Emoji McCarthy @thejumbles · 18 Jun 2019

Hello, I would love a picture book about Boaty McBoatface and its contributions to climate change research! #MSWL telegraph.co.uk/news/2019/06/1…

Julia Yuletide Emoji McCarthy @thejumbles · 8 Jun 2019

Hi it’s Brooklyn Pride and I just want to publish and celebrate sweet, earnest, cozy queer stories until the cows come home—picture book, MG, YA, you name it! Open to any and all reading recs, definitely also on my #MSWL

Julia Yuletide Emoji McCarthy @thejumbles · 7 Jun 2019

Oh, hey! After discovering the majesty of Hersheypark’s teen employees last week, I’d love to find me a goofy, funny, earnest YA about a group of kids spending the summer working together at an amusement park. #MSWL

Julia Yuletide Emoji McCarthy @thejumbles · 23 Apr 2019

Hello hi I’d really love to find YA horror like THE MONSTRUMOLOGIST but with kickass women of color. That’s all, folks! #MSWL

Julia Yuletide Emoji McCarthy @thejumbles · 27 Mar 2019

Hello hello, I am very much seeking a YA novel like Darius the Great Is Not Okay that centers on queer WoC #MSWL

Julia Yuletide Emoji McCarthy @thejumbles · 12 Mar 2019

Hi there, I’d really love a YA novel that’s the spiritual equivalent of Jitterbug Perfume. #MSWL