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NYC-area literary agent, former editor, unabashed foodie, culture hound, citizen of the world, dedicated environmentalist, proud mom, dances to a Latin beat.

Montclair, NJ (NYC area)

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Joelle Delbourgo @JLDelbourgo · 6d

I am constantly surprised that prospective authors will cold call an agent rather than check their website first to see if the match is a good one for their work, and what the submission requirements are. Taking that extra step can make all the difference. #pubtip

Joelle Delbourgo @JLDelbourgo · Feb 9

So many query letters from prospective writers are rambling or unclear. Often, titles are mystifying. This is a sure road to rejection. Before submitting to a lit agent, take care to craft the best possible letter to showcase your smarts and talent. #pubtip

Joelle Delbourgo @JLDelbourgo · Jan 12

I have noticed an uptick in snarky responses by writers whose work we do not take on. Lit agents know how frustrating the process can be for writers, but we are under no obligation to offer representation. The agent who fully embraces your work is the right one for you. #pubtip

Joelle Delbourgo @JLDelbourgo · 19 Sep 2019

Writers: If you don't bother to sign your query letter, it's unlikely you'll hear back. Just sayin'.
#pubtip, #litagentadvice

Joelle Delbourgo @JLDelbourgo · 21 Feb 2019

It always amazes me how many clients move without notifying their agent. If you are an author, remember to keep your lit agent, editor & publisher apprised of address changes as long as your book remains in print or available in some form. #pubtip

Joelle Delbourgo @JLDelbourgo · 11 Feb 2019

If you're pitching a book to an agent, make sure you're well read in the genre you're writing--know your competition so you can stand out in how you pitch. #pubtip, #publishing

Joelle Delbourgo @JLDelbourgo · 10 Feb 2019

Query letters to lit agents that plunge in to elaborate plot description are off-putting. Hooking in the agent with a great log line or premise is more effective. #pubtip, #publishing

Joelle Delbourgo @JLDelbourgo · 18 Dec 2018

"To Whom It May Concern" is not an auspicious opening for a writer's query letter to an agent. Write to specific person and research that person's interests to make sure it's a fit. #pubtip

Joelle Delbourgo @JLDelbourgo · 6 Dec 2018

Literary agents play many roles: muse, advocate, cheerleader, editor, marketer, negotiator, contracts analyst, accountant, publishing consultant through the life of the book. Just sayin'. #publishing, #pubtip

Joelle Delbourgo @JLDelbourgo · 20 Nov 2018

Give literary agents a break. Hold off sending your query letters until after the holiday. Just sayin'. #pubtip

Joelle Delbourgo @JLDelbourgo · 13 Nov 2018

Writers: it's rarely a good idea to begin a query letter to agents with a question (e.g. "Are you looking for your next bestseller?"). Get right to the point. Pitch your book without pretense or tricks. #pubtip, #amwriting

Joelle Delbourgo @JLDelbourgo · 7 Sep 2018

Some writers send out query letters literally as a stab in the dark, hoping to connect with an agent or publisher. By doing research into who might be responsive to review your work & crafting a superb and respectful query, you will increase your chances of success. #pubtip

Joelle Delbourgo @JLDelbourgo · 29 Aug 2018

Writers: keep your query letters to the point. Avoid meandering, long paragraphs, self-advertising, telling an agent that this will be our next bestseller. Let us decide. #pubtip

Joelle Delbourgo @JLDelbourgo · 22 Aug 2018

Self-publishing is now a viable option for authors. But that means literally doing everything yourself: writing the book, getting it copy-edited, designed, produced, distributed, marketed, and sold. Are you prepared to do this? Not to mention investing $$ in the process. #pubtip

Joelle Delbourgo @JLDelbourgo · 17 Aug 2018

If you are a writer approaching an agent or publisher, craft your query carefully following established guidelines, and run it by a number of trusted readers before sending. Many queries go unread because they are so poorly written. #pubtip

Joelle Delbourgo @JLDelbourgo · 2 Jul 2018

Writers: when querying agents, do not address your letter to "Dear Sirs." (Indeed, at our agency, there are no sirs on staff!) Do a little research on agency websites and other listings of agencies and choose a specific agent to address. Just sayin'. #pubtip, #publishing

Joelle Delbourgo @JLDelbourgo · 15 Jun 2018

Many publishers have "summer hours" which allows employees to work longer during the week so as to get off mid-day on Friday. Agents often follow suit. So writers, wait until Monday to get in touch. #pubtip