Marlene Stringer @MarleneStringer · 3d

Writers, please don't write Qs in character. #pubtip

Sara Megibow @SaraMegibow · 3d

#PubTip = published authors, please have a clearly marked and correctly updated Events Page on your website. Check out @RoanhorseBex as a great example:

Cari Lamba @CariLamba · 3d

#querytip you don’t have to notify the agents you’re querying if someone requests to see a full manuscript. Only notify if you have an offer of representation

JenniferMarchSoloway @marchsoloway · 3d

#QueryTip Submit only one #PB project when querying. Choose the one you think is the strongest. If I like it, I will ask for several more projects to see more of your work. #amquerying #amrevising #amwriting

Folio Literary @FolioLiterary · 3d

Hey readers and writers, have a #querytip from agent @AnnieAHwang and partner Jeff Kleinman: don't forget to sign your name so our agents can personalize your responses!

Cari Lamba @CariLamba · 4d

This week in my inbox I have been Ms. Dechiarra and Mari Lamba, I didn’t know I had so many personalities! #querytip know who you’re sending your email to

Amy Stern @yasubscription · 4d

So here is my helpful #pubtip for the day: Sometimes, the person answering your call, whose judgment you're dismissive towards, is actually an agent covering the phones while someone else is at lunch.

Emily Rodmell @EmilyRodmell · 4d

Submission tips:

*Always try to address it to a particular person.
*Do your research on guidelines.
*Always include synopsis with manuscript submission.
*Hit submit and then focus on the next book.
*Resist the urge to reread submission. You'll inevitably find typos.


BookEnds Literary Agency @bookendslit · 4d

Make sure your whole draft is as polished as your 1st pages. Nothing is as disappointing for an agent as loving a sample/partial and finding out the rest doesn’t hold up to its standard! #querytip #amwriting #amquerying #amrevising

Naomi Davis @NaomisLitPix · 4d

What is your favorite outlining tool? I often recommend the One Page Synopsis guide (on publishing crawl website) by Susan Dennard, and Story Genius by Lisa Cron. What other tools do you find instrumental when plotting a new novel? #amwriting #querytip #askagent

JenniferMarchSoloway @marchsoloway · 5d

#QueryTip When I say a project is "not the right fit for my list," either I (a) already have something too similar, (b) have too many projects in the category, or (c) don't feel I am the best agent for the project. (You'd be better served by someone else.) #amquerying #agenting

Kortney Price @kortney_price · 5d

#querytip It is better to be honest in your query about whether your story is published or not. The truth always comes out. There is an admittedly minuscule chance I'll rep a self published book but there is NO chance I'll rep an author who lied to me about it.

Penny Moore @precociouspenny · 5d

A big pet peeve of mine is when people use words like: chortled, guffawed, and snorted to describe someone laughing in their stories. Just say LAUGHED. People don't actually guffaw or chortle. #pubtip

Naomi Davis @NaomisLitPix · 5d

To answer an #askagent question more broadly - Yes, you absolutely can comp characters/settings in addition to full titles: "If Harry Potter were thrust into the patriarchal world of The Handmaid's Tale..." when showing us your book's hook in a query. #querytip

Amy Elizabeth @amylizbishop · 5d

#querytip: Please, please, please do not badger an agent to discuss a rejection, via e-mail or by phone. Most agents will offer feedback as they see fit/are able to. If you did not receive feedback, cross 'em off your list, and move on.