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California Coldblood

California Coldblood @CalifColdblood · Apr 12

#MSWL An epic fantasy that draws on a lesser-known body of historical resarch.

California Coldblood @CalifColdblood · Feb 20

#mswl Any kind of #ownvoices high fantasy that explores a non-European setting. (I'm a huge fan of @nkjemisin's THE KILLING MOON, fwiw!)

California Coldblood @CalifColdblood · Feb 1

#mswl A super-inventive speculative novel like Neal Stephenson's ANATHEM, for any age range—YA or adult.

California Coldblood @CalifColdblood · Feb 1

#mswl I'd love to see a naturalistic YA action-adventure novel. Something in the vein of Louis Sachar's HOLES.

California Coldblood @CalifColdblood · 14 Nov 2017

#MSWL #ownvoices genre fiction that's relentlessly inventive, with deep, rich world-building on every page. Make me shake my head in astonishment at your level of creativity. #scifi #fantasy #speculative