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MIchael R. Underwood @MikeRUnderwood · Mar 7

#MSWL epic fantasy novels and series that don't need to spend 400+ pages clearing their throats.

MIchael R. Underwood @MikeRUnderwood · Feb 8

Related to my ST re-watch -
Please please send Angry Robot your hopeful futures. Your visions of a better tomorrow. We have to imagine a better future from where we are now, and tell those stories. #MSWL

MIchael R. Underwood @MikeRUnderwood · 4 Nov 2017

For @angryrobotbooks' Open Door, send me adventure fiction that makes me smile as much as Thor Ragnarok does. angryrobotbooks.com/open-door-2017/ #MSWL

MIchael R. Underwood @MikeRUnderwood · 2 Aug 2017

Fiction that humanizes the social change needed to survive mass automation and a revolution in society's relationship to work. #MSWL

MIchael R. Underwood @MikeRUnderwood · 12 Jun 2017

I guess I'll give this as a coda - Send @angryrobotbooks your sharply political cyberpunk that speculates forward from today. #MSWL