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Michael R. Underwood @MikeRUnderwood · 4w

A reminder of what I'd like to see for #AROpenDoor2017 . https://t.co/HAwyPJB81K

Additionally, if you submit fiction that will make me smile as much as I did during Thor Ragnarok, that will also be greted warmly. #MSWL

Michael R. Underwood @MikeRUnderwood · Nov 4

For @angryrobotbooks ' Open Door, send me adventure fiction that makes me smile as much as Thor Ragnarok does. https://t.co/iTWBEZDISb #MSWL

Michael R. Underwood @MikeRUnderwood · Sep 15

@angryrobotbooks And if you have an agent already, tell them I am looking for these #MSWL books. Best of luck to… https://t.co/Am6cGKYE67

@angryrobotbooks So, speaking of those Open Door periods we sometimes to at @angryrobotbooks #MSWL https://t.co/mxsxpNxuvG

Michael R. Underwood @MikeRUnderwood · Sep 12

If one or another of your novels fits these #MSWL requests of mine, stay tuned to @angryrobotbooks . We occasionally have open door periods.

Michael R. Underwood @MikeRUnderwood · Sep 12

I want stories that challenge the primacy of violent conflict in the genre. #MSWL

Michael R. Underwood @MikeRUnderwood · Sep 12

I want novels that that ground the kind of action from X-Com 2 in individual human stories that talk about society & power. #MSWL

Michael R. Underwood @MikeRUnderwood · Sep 12

I want to make space in the genre for writers from marginalized/under-represented backgrounds/identities to share their visions. #MSWL

Michael R. Underwood @MikeRUnderwood · Sep 12

Books that weave in influences from (sub)genres that are under-explored in SFF prose, like in Amber Royer's FREE CHOCOLATE. #MSWL

Michael R. Underwood @MikeRUnderwood · Sep 12

I love novels that take familiar elements in SF/F and makes them fun and fresh (see @JosephBrassey 's SKYFARER).#MSWL

Michael R. Underwood @MikeRUnderwood · Sep 12

I want stories that dramatize reform and civic engagement, that tell a story of a productive way forward from 2017. #MSWL

Michael R. Underwood @MikeRUnderwood · Sep 12

I want fantasy worlds that broaden the scope of what we can imagine, like Jemisin's Broken Earth or Gladstone's Craft Sequence. #MSWL

Michael R. Underwood @MikeRUnderwood · Sep 12

I'd love to see more community-oriented post-apoc/disaster fiction that avoids the misogynistic libertarian fantasy mode. #MSWL

Michael R. Underwood @MikeRUnderwood · Aug 30

I heard a thing on a podcast this weekend, how Americans are really good at acute compassion, but pretty bad at chronic empathy.

Thread. What Sigrid describes is part of why I #MSWL stories that dramatize reform & building a better society toge… https://t.co/inPBCJgpRe

Michael R. Underwood @MikeRUnderwood · Aug 2

Fiction that humanizes the social change needed to survive mass automation and a revolution in society's relationship to work. #MSWL

Michael R. Underwood @MikeRUnderwood · Jun 12

I guess I'll give this as a coda - Send @angryrobotbooks your sharply political cyberpunk that speculates forward from today. #MSWL

Michael R. Underwood @MikeRUnderwood · Mar 14

Mass Effect games (even ME2's Dirty Dozen in space), fit into my "Yes, give me more heroic and optimistic SF!" aesthetic, and in a big way.

So, #MSWL - send me space opera that makes me feel hopeful about society and the future like B5 and Mass Effect make me feel.