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Junior Agent at Writers House. Also assisting Al Zuckerman. Please email with your query letter and first chapter (attachment).

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Samantha Wekstein @SWekstein · 2w

Send your thrillers to Al Zuckerman at! #MSWL

Samantha Wekstein @SWekstein · Jun 19

It's a well-known fact that the more kickass a YA heroine is, the fewer female friends she has. Other girls distract from her awesomeness.

#MSWL the opposite of this. I'd love a kickass girl group. Female friendships are so important in YA, give them t…

Samantha Wekstein @SWekstein · Feb 8

Looking for a YA as brutal, intense, and morally complex as The 100 TV show #mswl

Samantha Wekstein @SWekstein · Sep 13

#MSWL YA and middle grade books about friendship! Both fantasy and contemporary. Make me nostalgic!

Samantha Wekstein @SWekstein · Sep 1

#mswl A YA story in the vein of Avatar the Last Airbender!

Samantha Wekstein @SWekstein · Jul 8 2016

#MSWL YA Fantasy with kickass female main character a la Sarah J. Maas, Leigh Bardugo, Rae Carson or Alex Bracken.