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#CLAqueries Hist Fic I do NOT want: Shakespeare, Henry VIII, Civil War, Greek Gods/Myths. If I think of more, I'll share =] #querytip

I wants!! #MSWL 😅😁

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As a magazine editor in pharma, I'd be interested in seeing folks tie in science & medicine into the plot--perhaps…

Meg LaTorre-Snyder @MegLaTorre · 5d

I love stories where there are multiple protagonists, layering plots, & no definitive "good guy" & "bad guy" #MSWL

Meg LaTorre-Snyder @MegLaTorre · 5d

As I've said before, I ❤️ all kinds of #fantasy ! Particularly stories that aren't afraid to break from tropes & dis…

Meg LaTorre-Snyder @MegLaTorre · 5d

I'm a little picky when it comes to thrillers. I love scifi thrillers or thrillers w/ some type of magical element…

Meg LaTorre-Snyder @MegLaTorre · 5d

I love retellings of classic tales (YA, NA, or adult). I think gender swaps or change in culture/setting are a ton…

Meg LaTorre-Snyder @MegLaTorre · 5d

I think it's time for another round of #MSWL insiders in prep for my opening to unsolicited queries on 8/28! Who's…

I love seeing stories that haven't been told before as well as stories w/ a unique twist to an time-old tale #MSWL

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@MegLaTorre Is there a specific age range you prefer? #askagent

@KristinaMWoods YA, NA, and adult are in my #MSWL :) I love them all, especially if the stories break from traditional tropes/scenarios

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I'm excited to share I'll be opening to unsolicited subs on 8/28! #amwriting #amediting #amquerying #CLA

For those of you who haven't subbed to another CLA agent/aren't currently waiting on a reply, feel free to query if your MS fits my #MSWL :)