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Assistant Agent at @D4EO . Genderqueer, and a writer too. High key invincible. he/his/Mx. Devine

Hamilton, MT

D4EO Literary Agency

Jessie Devine @Jessie_Devine · 3w

Princess Khutulu (13thC) would only marry a man who beat her at wrestling. The vanquished paid with horses. She die…


Jessie Devine @Jessie_Devine · Jun 15

Periodic tweet that I would really like to see a healthy polyamorous relationship in YA in my inbox. #mswl

Jessie Devine @Jessie_Devine · Jun 15

PLEASE someone send me a novel about this kind of amazing, amazing boy. #MSWL

!!! I'll fight you for it. #MSWL

Jessie Devine @Jessie_Devine · May 29

Late to the party, but I am watching Hidden Figures and I am in love. Gimme this for YA. #MSWL

Jessie Devine @Jessie_Devine · May 29

I'm in the mood for a YA about the ocean. Mermaids? Pirates? Something I didn't even know I needed? Gimme. Diverse cast a must. #MSWL

Jessie Devine @Jessie_Devine · May 11

I just saw the "contemporary is dead" discussion and look: The only reason you think contemporary is dead is because black folks own it now

I want contemporary. From black folks. And other POC folks. And queer folks and disabled folks. And really just giv…

Jessie Devine @Jessie_Devine · May 10

Exciting news! You can now query me at devinequeries(at)gmail(dot)com!

For my wishlist, please check out my fancy new post on the #MSWL website!

Jessie Devine @Jessie_Devine · May 5

I want polyamory in YA. #MSWL

Kink in YA. I said kink not erotica don't @ me #MSWL

Jessie Devine @Jessie_Devine · Apr 25

I just almost faved a #DVpit pitch from last October, and I'm sad because it's spot on the top of my #mswl .

Jessie Devine @Jessie_Devine · Mar 27

The mermaid studied the sailor's tattoo. "Why has she no blubber? She'd freeze to death!" "But she's cute." She let him sink. "Every time."


Jessie Devine @Jessie_Devine · Mar 25

Accidentally said "paranormal elephants" instead of "paranormal elements." 😂 Anyone got some of those? #MSWL

Jessie Devine @Jessie_Devine · Mar 13

Have you guys seen that Australian TV show on Netflix? Dance Academy? With a fully developed, diverse, ensemble cast. #MSWL

Still want. #MSWL

Jessie Devine @Jessie_Devine · Feb 19

This girl is the goddamn quarterback and the cheerleader is her girlfriend. CAN SOMEONE MAKE THIS INTO A MOVIE PLEA…

#mswl x1000

Jessie Devine @Jessie_Devine · Feb 11

Of course she didn't. Definitely not a member of a time-traveling league of Victorian lady avengers, either.


Jessie Devine @Jessie_Devine · Feb 9

Black boys and men as the heroes of SFF. Black boys and men as the heroes of romance. Black boys and men as the heroes of ALL genres #MSWL

Seconded in YA. #MSWL

Jessie Devine @Jessie_Devine · Feb 8

Sex positive YA, especially with LGBTQ+ characters. #MSWL

Jessie Devine @Jessie_Devine · Feb 8

It's apparently #MSWL day. Ummm... I guess I want kids/YA books that'll change the world. Too much to ask? Probably. :-/

I want this too. #MSWL