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Greyhaus Literary Agency

greyhausagency @greyhausagency · Aug 31

#MSWL Although I love historicals, I am really focusing in on strong contemporary romances now.

greyhausagency @greyhausagency · Aug 31

#MSWL Looking for strong contemporary romances with heroes and heroines that feel like next door neighbors. No cliches or gimicks!

greyhausagency @greyhausagency · Jul 10

Great opportunity for writers AND to help a great cause for horses! @equusfoundation , #RideForHorses , #MSWL

greyhausagency @greyhausagency · Jun 6

#MSWL Looking for contemporary romance that is not cliche'. Really love stories that readers can relate to.

greyhausagency @greyhausagency · Jun 6

#MSWL Looking for women's fiction that makes me think & see the world through the female lens. No gimmicks. Just the realness of womanhood.

greyhausagency @greyhausagency · Aug 28 2016

#MSWL - Great romances with great characters, plots and unique voice. Oh wait, that's what I am always looking for! :)

greyhausagency @greyhausagency · Aug 3 2016

#MSWL New adult focusing on real issues and not just drinking and sex

greyhausagency @greyhausagency · Aug 3 2016

#MSWL Contemporary romances that make us remember falling in love the first time

greyhausagency @greyhausagency · Aug 3 2016

#MSWL - Women's fiction focusing on everyday issues of women real people can relate to

greyhausagency @greyhausagency · Jul 29 2016

I would LOVE to see more Amish romance mss for @LoveInspiredBks . Read Patricia Davids books to get a sense of the Amish stories we do. #MSWL

@greyhausagency does too! #MSWL

greyhausagency @greyhausagency · Jul 26 2016

#MSWL Looking for hot contemporary stories, roughly 50K word count. Think Harlequin Presents meets Harlequin Spice

greyhausagency @greyhausagency · Jul 28 2015

#MSWL In the fall (please note FALL!) looking for ALL @HarlequinBooks lines and strong book club Women's Fiction

greyhausagency @greyhausagency · Mar 9 2015

#MSWL Looking for strong single title Women's Fiction. Please review my submission guidelines first!