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Julia McCarthy @thejumbles · 3 Dec 2017

Just watched The Shape of Water and it just reiterated the fact that anything with the soul of a Guillermo Del Toro film is always at the top of my #MSWL.

Julia McCarthy @thejumbles · 30 Nov 2017

I really want to read/acquire YA and MG featuring Brazilian and/or bicultural characters (I am a teensy bit biased). Cadê os meus brasileiros?!
#LatinX #LatinXPublishing #MSWL

Julia McCarthy @thejumbles · 18 Nov 2017

All I want to do is watch Cartoon Saloon movies for the rest of my life. In fact, anything with the same heart as The Secret of Kells or Song of the Sea is my eternal #MSWL

Julia McCarthy @thejumbles · 10 Nov 2017

Slightly eerie story about a girl with a raven friend/familiar is at the top of my #MSWL today because duh it’s my not-so-secret dream

Julia McCarthy @thejumbles · 3 Oct 2017

Final #mswl for the night: if Joanna Newsom’s music could be distilled into a story.

Julia McCarthy @thejumbles · 3 Oct 2017

Another deeply-desired #mswl involves magical realism + bicultural characters negotiating their identities, MG or YA

Julia McCarthy @thejumbles · 3 Oct 2017

For my 1st #mswl , I’m starting strong with any picture book that involves capybaras and their ability to befriend all kinds of critters.