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Children's book editor, baseball fan, feminist, gamer, eater, sleeper. That pretty much covers it.

Brooklyn, NY

HarperCollins Children's Books

Jordan Brown @thisjordanbrown · Feb 12

A(nother) story about smart kids being done in by asshat adults.


Jordan Brown @thisjordanbrown · Feb 8

how can someone be as old as Mitch McConnell & not realize women are hydras. you cut one of us off, 8 more will appear to spread the message


Jordan Brown @thisjordanbrown · Sep 13 2016

Whip-smart, R-rated YA comedy with a black protagonist. #MSWL #ownvoices

Jordan Brown @thisjordanbrown · Aug 9 2016

Sorry to interrupt you but, um, hear me out: a gay Pride & Prejudice retelling

Holy crap yes please. #mswl

Jordan Brown @thisjordanbrown · Feb 12 2016

FORMATION, but a YA novel. #mswl

Jordan Brown @thisjordanbrown · Jul 28 2015

YA rom com with gay/trans/genderqueer characters. Would love something with a new perspective that's also fun, sexy, engrossing. #MSWL

Jordan Brown @thisjordanbrown · Jul 28 2015

Powerful, literary, coming-of-age MG fiction with creepy elements. I’d adore a great ghost story about growing up. #MSWL

Jordan Brown @thisjordanbrown · Jul 28 2015

Re my last #MSWL tweet: Saw and loved TRAINWRECK, desperately want the funny/emotional MG/YA about Amy Schumer and Brie Larson's childhood.

Jordan Brown @thisjordanbrown · Jul 28 2015

More YA and MG about sisters/girl best friends. And not just contemporary realism, but fantasy, sci-fi, historical fiction, etc too. #MSWL

Jordan Brown @thisjordanbrown · Jul 28 2015

I always love MG/YA folklore/fairy tale adaptations--but would love to see more from Japan, Africa, places other than Europe/NA. #MSWL

Jordan Brown @thisjordanbrown · Jul 28 2015

Getting in on the #MSWL party! Only for agents--I sadly can't take unagented submissions.