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Shana Asaro


Formerly Shana Smith. Associate Editor at Harlequin's Love Inspired imprint. I love cupcakes, my dog, HGTV, Starbucks, Gilmore Girls and weather disaster plots.

New York

Love Inspired

Shana Asaro @shana_asaro · Oct 7

Write me a romance for @LoveInspiredBks with the emotional intensity of @NBCThisisUs . #MSWL

Shana Asaro @shana_asaro · Sep 21

I want to see a romance for @LoveInspiredBks about the one who got away. Just don't forget the conflict! #MSWL

Shana Asaro @shana_asaro · Sep 13

My final reminder (today) that I'm seeking Amish inspirational romance for @LoveInspiredBks . More details: https://t.co/hAsv2aGcJC #MSWL

Shana Asaro @shana_asaro · Sep 13

I love a good reunion romance. One of my favorite tropes because lots of built-in conflict! Inspirational romance only, please. #MSWL

Shana Asaro @shana_asaro · Sep 13

I love quirkiness or light humor. It doesn’t always work, but if this describes your writing, I’m your go-to ed. at @LoveInspiredBks #MSWL

Shana Asaro @shana_asaro · Sep 13

I'd love to see a black ops or spy hero in an inspirational romantic suspense. Action/adventure! #MSWL @LoveInspiredBks

Shana Asaro @shana_asaro · Sep 13

Send me your inspirational Amish romance (that fits the @LoveInspiredBks guidelines), and it will fly to the top of my reading pile! #MSWL

Shana Asaro @shana_asaro · Sep 13

Heroes and heroines who's conflict is so much more than, "Someone hurt me in the past, so I can never love again." #MSWL

Ditto! #MSWL https://t.co/T0OxkNnw2Z

Shana Asaro @shana_asaro · Sep 13

I want to see inspirational romance with strong romantic conflicts and powerful emotions. Make me cry! #MSWL

Shana Asaro @shana_asaro · Sep 13

My soft spots include stories with cute kids, dogs and/or weather disasters. Christian romance only. #MSWL

Shana Asaro @shana_asaro · Sep 13

I want your adult inspirational romance! Check out @LoveInspiredBks guidelines, no agent required. For more: https://t.co/hAsv2aXO8c #MSWL

Shana Asaro @shana_asaro · Sep 13

At the top of my #MSWL : contemporary inspirational Amish romance that fits the @LoveInspiredBks guidelines! https://t.co/hAsv2aGcJC

Shana Asaro @shana_asaro · Jul 29

I would LOVE to see more Amish romance mss for @LoveInspiredBks . Read Patricia Davids books to get a sense of the Amish stories we do. #MSWL

Shana Asaro @shana_asaro · Jun 30

I would love to see Amish romance for any of our three @LoveInspiredBks lines! #MSWL https://t.co/hAsv2aGcJC

Shana Asaro @shana_asaro · Jun 30

I'm most actively seeking inspirational historical romance (70k words) right now. Bonus: if it's set in Biltmore Village circa 1895 #MSWL

Shana Asaro @shana_asaro · Jun 30

I especially love a voice with a little bit of wit/quirk/humor. Make me laugh! #MSWL

Shana Asaro @shana_asaro · Jun 30

I'm looking for adult inspirational romance (category length). Contemporary, historical or suspense. #MSWL https://t.co/hAsv2aXO8c

Shana Asaro @shana_asaro · Apr 28

If you're attending #BRMCWC and write romance, check out my #MSWL page to learn more about me: https://t.co/hAsv2aXO8c

Shana Asaro @shana_asaro · Apr 19

Want to know what kinds of submissions I'm eager to see for @LoveInspiredBks ? Check out my #MSWL editor profile: https://t.co/hAsv2aXO8c

Shana Asaro @shana_asaro · Jul 28 2015

#MSWL for inspirational romance includes Amish, stories with dogs and/or kids, Westerns. Contemporary, romantic suspense or historical.