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SFF Editor @ Saga Press. Slytherin, philomath, nerd. Addicted to tea, fairy tale retellings, gorgeous storytelling. Roller derby name: Calamitea. Opinions mine.

Navah Wolfe @navahw · Apr 4

Ok but I've been an agent for over a year now and STILL no one has sent me me a novel about lesbian magician who solves crimes.


Navah Jade Skywalker @navahw · Dec 14

Legendary jewel thief Doris Payne, age 86, caught stealing diamond necklace

Someone please write me a SFF Octogenarian Ocean's Eleven/RED/Get The Gang Together For One Last Heist book. #MSWL

Navah Wolfe @navahw · Sep 13

#mswl I love me some bottle episodes - I'd love to see a single setting genre piece.

Yes please! #mswl

Navah Wolfe @navahw · Aug 29

"The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe, only Aslan's an ageless androgynous rock god and Jadis is a shiftless demagogue."

@BBolander #mswl

Navah Wolfe @navahw · Aug 2

Also, how much do I want a story that invokes the depths of the sea & magic, a la Diane Duane's Deep Wizardry? Let me count the ways. #mswl

Navah Wolfe @navahw · Aug 1

IN OTHER NEWS: I want a Stranger Things/Goonies/Super 8 etc. with a gang of young girls. Any recs?

#mswl #mswl #mswl

Navah Wolfe @navahw · Jul 29

A real team of Jewish assassins called ''The Avengers'' tracked down and executed Nazi war criminals after WWII.

#mswl #mswl #mswl

Navah Wolfe @navahw · Jul 17

I like Stranger Things this far (2 episodes in) but I wish someone would make a nostalgic adventure sci fi with a gang of girls.


Navah Wolfe @navahw · Jul 14

has anybody done a SF retelling of The Winter's Tale with Hermione put into cryosleep instead of being a statue asking for a me


Navah Wolfe @navahw · Jun 30

This is why I ❤️ WOLF HALL—give me the #SFF version of Cromwell (who quietly runs the show) instead of Henry VIII! #MSWL @LeonHusock @navahw

Yes please! #MSWL

Navah Wolfe @navahw · Jun 19

I want the story of a character who's the Bert to a Mary Poppins, the unmagical confidante and support of a mercurial magical friend. #mswl

Navah Wolfe @navahw · May 25

Write me the lady Captain America story: the bone-deep good heroine adjusting to an ungood world, but staying true w/out being boring. #mswl

Navah Wolfe @navahw · May 14 2016

POST APOCALYPTIC NPR-PUNK. #MSWL , you heard it here first. Someone write this for me, PLEASE. #NebulaAwards

Navah Wolfe @navahw · Mar 22 2016

All I want is a Susan Pevensie Post Narnia book. Someone please write it and send it to me. Please please please. #mswl

Navah Wolfe @navahw · Mar 10 2016

Oh and one other #MSWL ! Give me a fairy tale retelling with LGBT+ characters. Like a m/m Beauty & the Beast.

I WANT THIS. #mswl