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Harper Voyager US

David Pomerico @PomericoD · Aug 1

‘Black America’: Amazon Alt-History Drama From Will Packer & Aaron McGruder Envisions Post-Reparations America… https://t.co/NsTkQCy5cg

This is exciting. #mswl https://t.co/VVhv86DoSr

David Pomerico @PomericoD · Jun 10 2015

A while back, I mentioned I wanted a fantasy that's almost entirely world-building for #mswl @pennyvixen 's GOBLIN EMPEROR is that book

David Pomerico @PomericoD · Dec 12 2014

Fowles' THE COLLECTOR and/or Waters' FINGERSMITH in a SF/F setting. #mswl

David Pomerico @PomericoD · Sep 3 2014

Would love something with a bit of heart. Real-world fantasy, either historical or contemporary (a la Deborah Harkness) #MSWL

David Pomerico @PomericoD · Sep 3 2014

I'd love to see more one-offs: full stories in one novel, whether it's SF or Fantasy. #MSWL