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Associate Editor at City Owl Press. On the prowl for romance novels/novellas, esp. holiday themed & contemporary. Send queries to

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Mary Cain @MaryCityOwl · Feb 8

Contemporary romances where the fun, fast-paced plot kicks off right away. #MSWL

Mary Cain @MaryCityOwl · 16 May 2017

More short, fun contemporary romance in third person (adult or NA) #MSWL.

Mary Cain @MaryCityOwl · 15 Feb 2017

I want to see more contemporary romance written in third person. 90% of queries I receive are first person POV. #MSWL.

Mary Cain @MaryCityOwl · 8 Feb 2017

Okay. How about this: if you send me a #MSWL query (per sub guidelines), & I don't request, I will give constructive feedback.

Mary Cain @MaryCityOwl · 8 Feb 2017

Does your main character receive an unusual inheritance? No Victorian homes with great reno potential. Think outside the box. #MSWL #romance

Mary Cain @MaryCityOwl · 8 Feb 2017

I love Evie and Xavier in No Tomorrow. Give me a H/H with the same dynamic. #Romance #MSWL

Mary Cain @MaryCityOwl · 8 Feb 2017

My main jam is contemporary romance but I am open to all #romance categories as long as the voice is unique and the hook brilliant. #MSWL

Mary Cain @MaryCityOwl · 8 Feb 2017

I am open to all levels of heat in adult and NA #romance. Also, *any* holiday romance, especially Halloween 🎃 👻 (costume party!). #MSWL

Mary Cain @MaryCityOwl · 8 Feb 2017

Settings I would love to snatch up: snow storm, tropical paradise, ghost town, fishing camp, anything nautical. #MSWL #romance

Mary Cain @MaryCityOwl · 8 Feb 2017

Does your character have a hidden talent? Dabble in oodles of quirky hobbies? Think Penelope from The Brothers Bloom. #romance #MSWL

Mary Cain @MaryCityOwl · 8 Feb 2017

I am all about the H/H fighting for ownership, whether it be property, a client, or journalists vying for the inside scoop. #romance #MSWL

Mary Cain @MaryCityOwl · 3 Feb 2017

@connorcoyne made me realize I haven't seen any queries w/ characters in medicine. Where are they? #MSWL

Mary Cain @MaryCityOwl · 3 Feb 2017

A fresh take on What Happened in Vegas Didn't Stay in Vegas. #MSWL

Mary Cain @MaryCityOwl · 3 Feb 2017

Heroines who constantly receive TMI in their line of work. Estheticians, cosmetologist, bartender...
Can you think of any others? #MSWL

Mary Cain @MaryCityOwl · 1 Feb 2017

I want romance heroes who make me blush, give unique innuendos, and come to life on the page. #MSWL

Mary Cain @MaryCityOwl · 30 Jan 2017

@MaryCityOwl: A heroine who isn't desired by the entire male population. The hero sees her beauty when others overlook it. #MSWL

Mary Cain @MaryCityOwl · 18 Jan 2017

Also want any romance set off-grid, minus entertainment industry characters. Just average peeps trying to get away from it all. #MSWL

Mary Cain @MaryCityOwl · 18 Jan 2017

Gimme a contemp. romance series #A or #NA centering around a group of friends with a bond like in Now & Then. #MSWL

Mary Cain @MaryCityOwl · 11 Jan 2017

Send me something in contemporary #romance that I haven't seen yet. Surprise me! #mswl

Mary Cain @MaryCityOwl · 30 Nov 2016

Send me your contemporary romance, adult and new adult. Debut and published author. Find my #MSWL on the City Owl Press website.