Jaime Coyne


Jaime Coyne @JaimeDCoyne · 2w

I'd really love to see some smart "chick lit" for the modern age #mswl

Jaime Coyne @JaimeDCoyne · Jun 5

It's up! Episode nineteen (I know! So many!) of the @MSWLMA 's podcast, featuring @JaimeDCoyne , now available here: https://t.co/EJk6V8SFVt

I was interviewed about being a book editor on the @MSWLMA podcast! Hearing your own voice is weird! Check it out!… https://t.co/Q1u1MSXPFb

Jaime Coyne @JaimeDCoyne · Feb 8

And books with diversity. Of all kinds. Gonna just keep saying it. #mswl

Jaime Coyne @JaimeDCoyne · Feb 8

Also, narrative nonfiction that dissects human nature and society. #mswl

Jaime Coyne @JaimeDCoyne · Feb 8

I'd love to see more upmarket mystery and suspense #mswl