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Deborah Nemeth @DebNemeth · 1w

I'm so excited about this open proposal call. Please send me all your paranormal #mystery series submissions! Looki…

Deborah Nemeth @DebNemeth · 2w

Calling all writers! Carina Press is now accepting proposals for light-hearted contemporary romances! #CarinaWants

These lighthearted contemps are very much on my wish list! #MSWL

Deborah Nemeth @DebNemeth · Jun 29

Have brilliant sleuths or crime-fighting duos solving compelling mysteries? @DebNemeth wants in! #CarinaWants !

Yes! Mystery is high on my manuscript wish list. I'm looking for whodunit murder mysteries: Cozies, police procedur…

Deborah Nemeth @DebNemeth · Jun 7

I'd love to see some #mystery authors participate in #CarinaPitch today! #MSWL

Deborah Nemeth @DebNemeth · Apr 17

I'd love to acquire more mysteries! Send me your clever sleuths, crime-fighting duos, cozy whodunits, police procedurals #MSWL

Deborah Nemeth @DebNemeth · Feb 8

#MSWL Characters who show agency & drive their own story, have their own insights, and help create but ultimately solve their own problems.

Deborah Nemeth @DebNemeth · Feb 8

#MSWL Romances with high emotional stakes and conflict that’s hard to resolve, requiring tough decisions, character change, sacrifice

Deborah Nemeth @DebNemeth · Feb 8

#MSWL SFF romance featuring protagonists who use their brains and daring to outwit oppressors

Deborah Nemeth @DebNemeth · Feb 8

If you have a manuscript fitting my #MSWL that you'd like to submit to me at Carina Press, please use this link:

Deborah Nemeth @DebNemeth · Feb 8

#MSWL Secret agenda romances: Mr. & Mrs Smith-type rom suspense, rebels in space SFR, con artists, French spies infiltrating the Regency ton

Deborah Nemeth @DebNemeth · Feb 8

#MSWL A cozy #mystery series featuring a sleuth (or duo) whose hobby, career or personality quirk affects the crime-solving.

Deborah Nemeth @DebNemeth · Feb 8

#MSWL Witty, rapid-fire banter, in any mystery or romance subgenre.

Deborah Nemeth @DebNemeth · Feb 8

#MSWL High-adrenaline stories: action-filled romantic suspense, military, and extreme sports romances; nail-biting espionage and heists.

Deborah Nemeth @DebNemeth · Feb 8

#MSWL Forced proximity romances, including snowbound/shipwrecked/ stranded, marriage of convenience, and fake engagement tropes.

Deborah Nemeth @DebNemeth · Feb 8

#MSWL Forbidden love romances featuring royalty, including m/m. Any setting/tone, from lighthearted romcom to uber-sexy to suspenseful.

Deborah Nemeth @DebNemeth · Feb 8

#MSWL Clever main characters whose curiosity and drive affects the story—fixers, scientists, inventors, geeks, explorers, sleuths

Deborah Nemeth @DebNemeth · Feb 8

My #MSWL includes #ownvoices romance & #mystery : cozies, procedurals, PIs, romantic suspense, shifters, space opera, contemp romantic comedy

Deborah Nemeth @DebNemeth · Feb 7

I have a fondness for wedding-themed stories. I'd love to acquire a cozy #mystery series featuring a wedding planner sleuth. #MSWL

Deborah Nemeth @DebNemeth · Jan 26

On my #MSWL : cozy/PI mystery series. Action-filled rom susp & SFR. Witty Regencies. Sexy contemps. #ownvoices mss. Clever chars, high stakes

Deborah Nemeth @DebNemeth · Jan 15

You can see what's on my #MSWL in this post: What the Carina Press Editors Want–Updated Winter 2017 Edition