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Chelsey Emmelhainz @CKEmmelhainz · Apr 24

My current #MSWL:
- toxic female friendships
- spooky suspense (maybe w/ supernatural/horror bent)
- suspense featuring cults and witches (a la, THE CRAFT)
- family dysfunction + messed up secrets
- female serial killers

Chelsey Emmelhainz @CKEmmelhainz · Apr 22

I need more witches in my life and my mystery/suspense submissions #mswl

Chelsey Emmelhainz @CKEmmelhainz · Feb 25

#MSWL spooky Southern voodoo-inspired mystery a la The Skeleton Key or Jessabelle

Chelsey Emmelhainz @CKEmmelhainz · Feb 6

Super important #mswl: Contemporary thriller/suspense retelling of Countess Elizabeth Báthory

Chelsey Emmelhainz @CKEmmelhainz · Jan 25

A new award for thrillers in which gratuitous violence against women is NOT used a plot device? Um, #MSWL forever. #writingtips #pubtips #staunchbookprize

Chelsey Emmelhainz @CKEmmelhainz · 12 Dec 2017

I have been asking for this book for *years* #MSWL