Suzie Townsend @sztownsend81 · Sep 14

Thought of another #MSWL : historical women's fiction featuring the untold or lesser known story of a woman who persisted.

Suzie Townsend @sztownsend81 · Sep 12

Swoony contemporary YA in the vein of Jenny Han #MSWL

Suzie Townsend @sztownsend81 · Sep 12

A dark and twisty mystery in the vein of Tana French. #MSWL

Suzie Townsend @sztownsend81 · Sep 12

Great romance in the vein of Lisa Kleypas, Julia Quinn, Courtney Milan, Christina Lauren, Jill Shalvis, or Elle Kennedy. #MSWL

Suzie Townsend @sztownsend81 · Sep 12

Magical realism in the vein of Sarah Addison Allen or Alice Hoffman. #MSWL

Suzie Townsend @sztownsend81 · Sep 12

Historical women's fiction that explores cultural heritage and particularly untold non-European historical events. #MSWL

Suzie Townsend @sztownsend81 · Sep 12

I'm especially looking for inclusive and diverse stories with new and unique voices in all genres and age groups. #MSWL

Suzie Townsend @sztownsend81 · Sep 12

So even if I don't mention a concept that fits your manuscript, query me anyway! I want to see all the queries #MSWL

Suzie Townsend @sztownsend81 · Sep 12

I'm looking for Women’s Fiction, Psychological Suspense, Romance, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Young Adult and Middle Grade. #MSWL

Suzie Townsend @sztownsend81 · Sep 12

An alternate history with incredible worldbuilding like @jessica_shea 's BORN WICKED series. Still one of my favorite reads this decade #MSWL

Suzie Townsend @sztownsend81 · Sep 12

Give me a contemporary-set crossover with a badass, sassy protagonist like Wynonna Earp. Can have light fantasy or sci-fi elements. #MSWL

omg yes. I love Wynonna Earp #MSWL

Suzie Townsend @sztownsend81 · Sep 12

A MG fantasy with an Arya Stark-esque main character. (Book1 Arya, lol) #MSWL

Suzie Townsend @sztownsend81 · Sep 12

Maybe a YA fantasy about the lowly shop sweeper or something? Give me a literal "nobody" and make her story remarkable w/o royalty. #MSWL

wow, I second this. I'd read this story :) #mswl

Suzie Townsend @sztownsend81 · May 24

📹 Okay here’s something for my #mswl : some kind of psychological suspense in the same vein as Indecent...

Suzie Townsend @sztownsend81 · May 2

Lucy Scholes writes for @BBC_Culture on the rise of the sister in psychological fiction: @TrapezeBooks

Oh put this on my #mswl psychological suspense with sinister sister drama.

Suzie Townsend @sztownsend81 · Apr 30

📷 #mswl : psychological suspense featuring complex and flawed characters with dark secrets and twists...

#NoDAPL Townsend @sztownsend81 · Jan 29

Loving all the #WriteYourResistance tweets. That's what's on my #MSWL - I'm in the mood to be inspired.

Suzie Townsend @sztownsend81 · Jan 25 2016

Every agent at New Leaf is on the lookout for adult fiction and nonfiction projects. Cue the query inbox flood! #mswl

Mysteries, thrillers, women's fiction--definitely on my #mswl