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Molly O'Neill @molly_oneill · 22 Dec 2017

Hi querying authors & illustrators: I will officially re-open to submissions on January 15, 2018. New sub guidelines will be on my website as of that date:… Till then, may your holidays be full of creativity & joy! #MSWL

Molly O'Neill @molly_oneill · 27 Nov 2017

B.N. Harrison @bnharrison

"My math teacher is low-key terrified of all of us," the tween in my house told us tonight at dinner.

And then she explained why. (thread)

1. This is hilarious. 2. Perpetual #MSWL for brilliant, charismatic, self-possessed main characters like this kid, inserted into a plot of your choosing. MG or YA (but especially MG!)

Molly O'Neill @molly_oneill · 17 Nov 2017

I am #MSWL-ing this *zombie supernova* as the jumping-off point for a story so hard right now.…

Molly O'Neill @molly_oneill · 21 Aug 2017

Prediction: influx of eclipse-themed YA mss. in agent inboxes in early 2018. Like Valentine’s = babies in November. 13/10 would read. #MSWL

Molly O'Neill @molly_oneill · 31 Jul 2017

Saw @TheBigSickMovie tonight. More funny/painful/honest/true stories like this one, that feel specific + universal all at once, pls! #MSWL

Molly O'Neill @molly_oneill · 7 Jun 2017

Pretty sure there’s the spark of like 17 different stories in this one article & I hereby #MSWL them all.…

Molly O'Neill @molly_oneill · 29 Mar 2017

I feel like there’s a piece of a story in here somewhere. #MSWL…