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jennifer "scotchmallow" laughran @literaticat · Jan 24

I would like a picture book about NOLA chef Leah Chase. Preferably written by someone with deep roots in New Orleans. #MSWL 🦐🥘⚜️

jennifer "scotchmallow" laughran @literaticat · 8 Feb 2017

It's apparently #MSWL day. Ummm... I guess I want kids/YA books that'll change the world. Too much to ask? Probably. :-/

jennifer "scotchmallow" laughran @literaticat · 26 Oct 2016

There's a limit to the times I can listen to Carrie Underwood's "Before He Cheats" but I haven't reached it yet. (THIS BUT A YA BOOK) #mswl

jennifer "scotchmallow" laughran @literaticat · 26 Sep 2016

PS I still really wanna read a MG or YA book starring kids/teens whose parents are Yeoman Warders and who live in the Tower. Specific #mswl

jennifer "scotchmallow" laughran @literaticat · 30 Jun 2016

Oh I really like ensemble comedies. Behind the scenes in a restaurant or theatre or on a team or or or? AND FUNNY? YES PLEASE. #mswl

jennifer "scotchmallow" laughran @literaticat · 30 Jun 2016

Surprising MG and YA that breaks new ground, POVs that are under-represented, particularly from #OwnVoices creators. #MSWL

jennifer "scotchmallow" laughran @literaticat · 30 Jun 2016

F/F and/or bi-girl non-gloomy YA, in any and all genres. Like, WAITRESS but about teenagers and with girl love. Or teen FINGERSMITH. #MSWL

jennifer "scotchmallow" laughran @literaticat · 24 Mar 2016

I don't think I've ever read a YA book set in a shop. Lots of YAs work I retail (I did!) and it's rife w kooky ensemble opportunities.#mswl

jennifer "scotchmallow" laughran @literaticat · 21 Mar 2016

My #MSWL post is up! Contains more than you ever needed to know about my taste in media (if you didn't know already)…

jennifer "scotchmallow" laughran @literaticat · 17 Feb 2016

In the mood to read a YA about REVENGE. And COUNTRY MUSIC. (this tweet brought to you by me being sick+listening to Carrie Underwood) #mswl