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#MSWL YA historical fiction (both w/fantastic elements and w/o) with a fresh, fun modern voice. Think MY LADY JANEโ€ฆ https://t.co/xnJKHTF6w2

Kurestin Armada @kurestinarmada · 4d

we're stretched out on a lead blanket watching the moon over the ruins. want this moment to last forever, but the Geiger counter is clicking

๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ‘€ ... #MSWL vibes https://t.co/DmbUKoBS5C

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A TWO-FOR-HIS-HEELS is a roguish, knavish gentleman.

Wait can I sign and/or buy a book w/this title though? Throw in some magic on top (Iโ€™m always hungry for more domesโ€ฆ https://t.co/6yO3oPwqCi

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Huge thanks @MiriamAnneW for getting me to watch ACCA-13!! Tea, cake, friendships, and loads of court intrigue = my everything ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

@MiriamAnneW Now everyone else has to watch it so I can 1. discuss the ending with everyone and 2. Have it as a #MSWL !!

Kurestin Armada @kurestinarmada · Oct 19

Today's Tinyletter: Middlemarch, but with werewolves, but not ABOUT werewolves https://t.co/dWkmSbhIV5 https://t.co/x8hsgzHqAW

I feel entirely seen by this Tinyletter, so ofc this is a #MSWL (& if someone could include a requisite amount of qโ€ฆ https://t.co/rG0eSkcKPt

Kurestin Armada @kurestinarmada · Mar 30

I originally read this headline with the hyphen in a difference place and now I'm disappointed https://t.co/Sy9MKMT1vQ

@amandashih can tiny house-wizard could as a #MSWL ?

Kurestin Armada @kurestinarmada · Feb 8

My number one #MSWL right now: big, ambitious books that pack a punch. Tied w/fun books that keep you up late&make you laugh on the train!

Kurestin Armada @kurestinarmada · Sep 20 2016

A library is haunted by the ghost of a 15th century necromancer. He is extremely bisexual.

#MSWL for eternity ! https://t.co/0867cz4PjM

Kurestin Armada @kurestinarmada · Sep 9 2016

Here's another link with more pics for that #MSWL : The World Nomad Games - in pictures https://t.co/UPE5TSlq4w

Kurestin Armada @kurestinarmada · Sep 9 2016

Probably the biggest #MSWL ever, the pictures from this event are amazing! 2016 World Nomad Games in Kyrgyzstan: https://t.co/QNAPeyfBBy

Kurestin Armada @kurestinarmada · Sep 7 2016

Been listening to this on repeat bc I'm all about that soft queer femme aesthetic https://t.co/IBk7wQCmxY

Definitely a #MSWL item! I love summer camp romances, and this video is everything! https://t.co/rp4oLjq2lU

Kurestin Armada @kurestinarmada · Aug 24 2016

#MSWL smart NF on the economics of NOT going to college https://t.co/qcipSgVIu0

I'd love the fiction twist on this! (Especially that girl who wants to be a mechanic) #MSWL https://t.co/FZwUAB1qiD

Kurestin Armada @kurestinarmada · Aug 17 2016

Romance authors, I want to see you in my inbox! Especially the out there, kinda weird stuff--not the traditional, small town vibe #mswl

Kurestin Armada @kurestinarmada · Aug 13 2016

"Surveillance cameras observe a fox exploring the Tudor & Georgian rooms of the National Portrait Gallery at night." https://t.co/s0eX1rbMmw

#MSWL ! (maybe the fox is a shape shifting art thief? maybe a museum-dwelling fox in a children's book?) https://t.co/mQKfVKIwXd

Kurestin Armada @kurestinarmada · Aug 3 2016

I see a lot of heirs who want nothing to do with ruling (and somehow know nothing?) I'd love one w/a sense of duty/responsibility #MSWL

Kurestin Armada @kurestinarmada · Jun 30 2016

And still on the hunt for my perfect, funny, adventurous MG #MSWL

Kurestin Armada @kurestinarmada · Jun 30 2016

Apparently the brand I'm crafting is queer epic fantasy, so my #MSWL is to keep that trend going strong!

Kurestin Armada @kurestinarmada · May 26 2016

i should do an adult coloring book, "pigeon boyfriend does nice things" or smth

wow I never could have predicted this would make my #MSWL but here we are https://t.co/wlP08JDaVJ

Kurestin Armada @kurestinarmada · May 18 2016

...............will there be kissing https://t.co/nMUGHYJDbC

#MSWL for all the gay Austen retellings https://t.co/sWPMmcSL6u

Kurestin Armada @kurestinarmada · May 5 2016

Utterly enchanted by the badass Korean women divers in this @LuckyPeach article. https://t.co/u8UGtooT9n

Wow these women are charming and amazing! (also #MSWL times a billion) https://t.co/UhvgoPZkA7