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Jennifer Azantian❄️ @jenazantian · 1 Mar 2017

Please send me your #ownvoices speculative fiction using the hashtag in the subject line. (I'm always open to #ownvoices) #MSWL

Jennifer Azantian❄️ @jenazantian · 14 Oct 2016

Incredible. These are the stories I want to read, esp. #ownvoices… #MSWL Let the real world inspire you.

Jennifer Azantian❄️ @jenazantian · 12 Oct 2016

Please write me a MG or YA inspired by this:… #MSWL Can be sent any time. Bonus points for magical realism or fantasy

Jennifer Azantian❄️ @jenazantian · 27 Sep 2016… #MSWL!!! You can send me a YA story like this any time writers. Any time.

Jennifer Azantian❄️ @jenazantian · 5 Apr 2016

I haven't posted on the website yet, but I will be open to MG manuscripts with at least a small speculatve elemet for all of May! #MSWL

Jennifer Azantian❄️ @jenazantian · 7 Mar 2016

Send me a story with any speculative elements & a complex character like Frank or Claire Underwood that I LOVE to hate. #HouseofCards #MSWL

Jennifer Azantian❄️ @jenazantian · 11 Jan 2016

I didn't fact-check the photo at all, but if you have anything like this, go ahead and send it now. #MSWL (Esp. YA)