Emily S. Keyes @esc_key · Jun 7

Replying to the oldest queries right now (since I read some complaints on QueryTracker, NM). And one of them says it's an "exclusive" query. I'm like, "Why did you do that to yourself? Don't you know how slow I am?" Don't exclusively query one agent! Query widely! #querytip

Emily S. Keyes @esc_key · May 22

I don't really need to know all the personal details that led you to decide to write a book. What's it about? Why do I want to read it? #querytip

Emily S. Keyes @esc_key · Mar 7

Here's what we agreed in the @FuseLiterary staff meeting. Pitching on Twitter? No. Other social media? No. Querying personal emails? No. BE PROFESSIONAL. Every agent tells you EXACTLY how to contact them on their webpage. #querytip

Emily S. Keyes @esc_key · Mar 1

Why is it always the people with the WORST queries who reply back to a form rejection, annoyed? #querytip don't do this.

Emily S. Keyes @esc_key · Feb 28

#querytip: NO. "Its genre is action-adventure, suspense/thriller, a platonic romance, and a little science fiction." I don't know any store that has that section.

Emily S. Keyes @esc_key · Jan 18

I refuse to read things in crazy font. #querytip

Emily S. Keyes @esc_key · 29 Oct 2017

If you were referred to me by someone I work with (author/agent/editor) you should be able to tell me WHO THAT PERSON IS. #querytip

Emily S. Keyes @esc_key · 28 Sep 2017

If your novel isn't finished I don't want to see a query for it. ... especially if it's military fiction which I don't do anyway. #querytip

Emily S. Keyes @esc_key · 18 Sep 2017

Your comps shouldn't be old enough to be in the public domain. #querytip

Emily S. Keyes @esc_key · 17 May 2017

Don't add me to your evite list. I don't care about your bachelorette party plans. #querytip

Emily S. Keyes @esc_key · 8 Feb 2017

#QueryTip Maybe don't call your email a "pre-submission" and address it "dear Sirs".

Emily S. Keyes @esc_key · 7 Sep 2016

"Dear Friend." You must be confusing me with someone else. I am not friendly. #querytip

Emily S. Keyes @esc_key · 1 Aug 2015

It's difficult for me to reply to queries written in a language other than English. #querytip

Emily S. Keyes @esc_key · 21 Jul 2015

Make sure you know the conventions of your genre and how your MS fits into them. #querytip

Emily S. Keyes @esc_key · 10 Jun 2015

You should send a query in your query. Don't just send random pages. #querytip

Emily S. Keyes @esc_key · 12 May 2015

Try to avoid grammatical errors in your title. #querytip

Emily S. Keyes @esc_key · 24 Feb 2015

You should not use "yr" for "your" or other text speak in your query. BUSINESS LETTER. #querytip

Emily S. Keyes @esc_key · 5 Jan 2015

"You don't represent my genre but I'm querying you anyway." Don't be this person. #querytip #queriesareback

Emily S. Keyes @esc_key · 12 Nov 2014

Footnotes in your query letter probably aren't necessary. #querytip #querytips

Emily S. Keyes @esc_key · 10 Nov 2014

Don't send me just one poem. Especially since I don't rep poetry. #querytip #querytips