Erik ☃️ Hane @erikhane · Feb 1

Hi everyone! I am once again open for queries and would love to hear from you about your book. Take a look at the link here for descriptions on the sort of writing I like. I can't wait to talk about your book with you. #queries #amwriting #MSWL #amquerying

Erik ☃️ Hane @erikhane · Jan 2

So, I updated my website. If you're thinking of querying me (and I hope you are!), this page has a detailed description of things I like and what I'm looking for, in a #MSWL sort of way.

Erik ☃️ Hane @erikhane · 20 Jul 2017

My queries have gotten way more to my taste since I did this, so I figured I'd post again! Here's my #MSWL page.…

Erik ☃️ Hane @erikhane · 30 May 2017

Spend the holiday getting your query ready? Check out my @ManuscriptWList page! Would love to see your query #MSWL…

Erik ☃️ Hane @erikhane · 10 May 2017

Writers, hello

I fleshed out my #MSWL page. I added specifics for #litfic, #NF, favorite books, more!

Erik ☃️ Hane @erikhane · 21 Apr 2017

Periodic #MSWL reminder that I LOVE science/nature writing. If writers like Harari, Kolbert, or Yong are comps to your book, please query!

Erik ☃️ Hane @erikhane · 8 Feb 2017

Erik ☃️ Hane @erikhane

I know those are "big" books but the idea here is an aesthetic or style match. #MSWL

Replying to @erikhane

This is always a long shot on book twitter but: I was a science editor for a while and really miss it. Send me NF pop science! #MSWL

Erik ☃️ Hane @erikhane · 8 Feb 2017

Erik ☃️ Hane @erikhane

Oh it's #MSWL day, huh? <starts stretching>

Replying to @erikhane

#MSWL So much of fiction acquisition is discussion of comp titles. I'd love to see your novel if it might be a logical comp to one of these: