Caitie Flum @caitief · Sep 27

Reading two middle grade books in my "for fun" reading time. It makes me long for more middle grade in my inbox. #MSWL

Caitie Flum @caitief · Sep 12

Also, #MSWL for a something like Yuri On Ice. I'm sure lots of agents are saying that right now.

And if it's MG that would make me even happier #MSWL

Caitie Flum @caitief · Sep 12

❤️ 💛 💚 💙 💜 all genres - YA contemp, YA SFF, book club, romance, thrillers, historical fiction, ALL OF IT. Especially #ownvoices #MSWL

MG as well! #MSWL

Caitie Flum @caitief · Sep 12

Here are all my #MSWL tweets! (can't add more today, sub list and letter to work on!)

Caitie Flum @caitief · Aug 22

Even when I was applying to schools, this wasn't realistic, and it has gotten even harder. I'd like to see some more reality in this in YA.

So #MSWL for contemp YA w/ seniors making that college decision. Valedictorians apply (and go to!) state schools - they are GREAT schools.

Caitie is on hiatus @caitief · Jul 10

It's hard for me to understand who the "unlikeable" heroines are because I like them too much . . . No lie.

Same! Give me all of your "unlikeable" heroines #MSWL

Caitie Flum @caitief · Jun 5

Gay, lesbian, bi, pan, ace, aro, demi, trans, queer. All of it, all genres. #ownvoices #MSWL

Reminder that all of this is still very, very much on my #MSWL - this month and every month. #ownvoices

Caitie Flum @caitief · May 18

Still on the top of my #MSWL - MG that reminds me of Yuri On Ice.

Caitie Flum @caitief · May 2

Which reminds me... bring me ALL your f/f YA romance and bi MCs! (And tween girls discovering first crushes on girl…

Please send these to me!!! #MSWL

Caitie Flum @caitief · Apr 12

If your book could have a cover like THE BELLES, #MSWL right here.

Caitie Flum @caitief · Feb 8

#MSWL #ownvoices stories featuring brown kids in America. Carefree stories, protest stories, queer stories, monster stories, magic stories

Cosigning on @MekishaTelfer 's entire #MSWL today.

Caitie Flum @caitief · Feb 8

Black boys and men as the heroes of SFF. Black boys and men as the heroes of romance. Black boys and men as the heroes of ALL genres #MSWL

Caitie Flum @caitief · Feb 8

If you have any great f/f YA that can comp to @MissDahlELama I want it. #MSWL

Caitie Flum @caitief · Feb 8

And women's fiction with women with depression that aren't told in the stereotypical ways. Make it feel real! #MSWL

Caitie Flum @caitief · Feb 8

Women's fiction with messy, complicated women who fuck up but aren't "unlikeable". #MSWL

Caitie Flum @caitief · Feb 8

I'd love a novel about a group of online friends that shatters and how they all pick up the pieces (or don't). #MSWL

Caitie Flum @caitief · Feb 8

I want some characters who are feminist af. But their feminism needs to be intersectional. #MSWL

Caitie Flum @caitief · Feb 8

Today is #MSWL day! Go browse through the hashtag, writers! See what agents and editors are looking for! They might be looking for you!

Also, I'm just going to second everything @ericsmithrocks has #MSWL . He's got amazing taste and I want it all too!

Caitie Flum @caitief · Feb 8

I still want the epic YA SFF – big battles, sweeping love stories, brilliant world building, unforgettable characters. #MSWL