Justin Wells @Justin_941 · Jan 27

Have a #OwnVoices YA contemporary (realistic) manuscript? Would love to take a look! You can query me here: QueryMe.Online/Justin_Wells #MSWL

Justin Wells @Justin_941 · Jan 24

Really wanting to see some amazing YA contemporary stories featuring diverse characters land in my query box! Would prefer them to be grounded in family/friend relationships, but I’m open to romance in the stories too! #MSWL Query here: QueryMe.Online/Justin_Wells

Justin Wells @Justin_941 · 12 Sep 2017

Query me with your 14-15th century European historical fiction (MG, YA, and Adult). 😊 #MSWL

Justin Wells @Justin_941 · 4 Sep 2017

Would love to see a F/F YA Fantasy w/ a troubled/threatened relationship. Think Aladdin meets The Winner's Curse. #MSWL #OwnVoices

Justin Wells @Justin_941 · 7 Aug 2017

Another young adult #MSWL! - The Princess Bride meets Graceling F/F #LGBT #OwnVoices. Magical/Romantic feel, with two kickass female leads.

Justin Wells @Justin_941 · 7 Aug 2017

Would love to see some #OwnVoices YA Historical Fiction (14-15th century European preferred -- but will look at all!) #MSWL

Justin Wells @Justin_941 · 26 Jun 2017

Still looking for a great 14-15th century (European) YA historical fiction MS. Sound like your MS? Query me! 😊 #MSWL

Justin Wells @Justin_941 · 28 Mar 2017

#MSWL - Would like to see more YA historical fiction focusing on Mary Queen of Scots. Think CW show "Reign" for age/context.

Justin Wells @Justin_941 · 19 Feb 2017

I would love to see an unique YA manuscript that shares some similar themes with stories like Ready Player One. #MSWL

Justin Wells @Justin_941 · 8 Feb 2017

YA Horror/Suspense, preferably set in the Victorian Era (1837-1901) although I will still look at modern ones too! #mswl

Justin Wells @Justin_941 · 8 Feb 2017

MG/YA with female protagonist, having a strong focus on climate-change, and other important topics in science today. #mswl

Justin Wells @Justin_941 · 31 Jan 2017

I'm looking for #MuslimVoices #OwnVoices manuscripts for #YA and #MG! Please feel free to query me! #MSWL

Justin Wells @Justin_941 · 30 Jan 2017

Been on a historical fiction kick lately. If you have a YA/MG/Adult historical fiction MS, feel free to query! corvisieroagency.com/justin-wells.h… #MSWL

Justin Wells @Justin_941 · 28 Jan 2017

Always looking for that next great submission! If you have something you think I might like, send me a query! corvisieroagency.com/justin-wells.h… #MSWL

Justin Wells @Justin_941 · 25 Jan 2017

If you have a YA historical fiction MS with a fresh take on Arthurian Legend, please query me! #MSWL

Justin Wells @Justin_941 · 24 Jan 2017

Interested in seeing a YA historical fiction MS (with romance) set in the American Civil War era. If your MS fits this, query me! #MSWL