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Co-founder of the Skylark Literary agency: @SkylarkLit . Loves sunny days, American TV, myths & mysteries, children's books, YA books, all books!


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Amber Cataveo 🐯👻🎃 @AmberCaraveo · Oct 11

An origin story of The Sea Witch from The Little Mermaid #ukmgchat 🧜‍♂️🧜‍♀️

@sophieinspace @authorontheedge A contemporary, real-world mystery with a magical twist! #ukmgchat #mswl

Amber Caraveo 🐱 @AmberCaraveo · Jul 6

Would love to find a pacy MG novel based around a slightly magical modern-day circus - The Night Circus for kids! 40,000 words tops. #mswl

Amber Caraveo 🐱 @AmberCaraveo · Feb 18 2015

Has anyone written a YA 'Hustle'-type novel where gang of teens outwit 'enemy' with riotous & clever con? If so, PLEASE send it to me! #MSWL

Amber Caraveo 🐱 @AmberCaraveo · Feb 18 2015

And a lovely MG novel exploring and celebrating the power of friendship is always a winner! #MSWL

Amber Caraveo 🐱 @AmberCaraveo · Feb 18 2015

Love #MSWL . Keep thinking of more things I want! :-) This time it's a spooky, atmospheric ghost story for MG readers with a touch of humour!

Amber Caraveo 🐱 @AmberCaraveo · Feb 18 2015

Ooh, and anything legend, fairy-tale or myth inspired but in a subtle, beautiful way would be really exciting! #MSWL

Amber Caraveo 🐱 @AmberCaraveo · Feb 18 2015

If you're writing a series or trilogy, please make sure that each book in the set has a great and satisfying ending in its own right. #MSWL

Amber Caraveo 🐱 @AmberCaraveo · Feb 18 2015

I'd also love to see a classic, funny YA romance or a great historical YA novel but the writing would have to be A-MA-ZING! #MSWL

Amber Caraveo 🐱 @AmberCaraveo · Feb 18 2015

I'd love a middle-grade adventure with magical elements in the vein of Susan Cooper or Joan Aiken #MSWL