P.S. Literary Agency @PSLiterary · 4d

"Multi POV, time slip or dual past/present narrative structure women’s fiction, historical, romance, upmarket etc." @carlywatters #MSWL

paige wheeler @pwheeler_agent · 1w

Hungry for a really well written, exquisitely executed work--women's fiction, crime fiction. I want it to suck me in. #mswl

Kevan Lyon @KevanLyon · 1w

#MSWL actively looking for Women's fiction, both contemporary & historical novels -- "book club" type fiction, with strong female characters

J. Johnson-Blalock @JJohnsonBlalock · 2w

Just finished and loved THE REGULARS. Send me women's fic that's similarly smart, funny, feminist, moving, quotable. #MSWL #FridayReads

KatieShea Boutillier @AgentShea · 2w

YA + WF that present a hook in the first couple of pages. Pacey delivery. Strong voices. And conflict that is deep and emotional. #MSWL

Kat Enright @katenright · 2w

#MSWL - YA Dark Fantasy. Vicious women. Grim Magic. Secrets and Lies and Doubt.

Amanda Shih @amandashih · 2w

Tough to fit resistance guides in my list, but send your creative, clever funny, books that include and lift up strong women/PoC/LGBTQ #MSWL

Bibi Lewis @Bibi_Lewis · 2w

I would love to see more psychological thrillers (in both YA and WF) #mswl

Carlie Webber @carliebeth · 2w

Women's friendships and sister relationships - MG, YA, adult #MSWL

Michelle Grajkowski @threeseaslit · 2w

On the search for engaging women's fiction: historical or contem. YA mss that make me feel. And of course, romance. Always romance. #MSWL

Elaine Spencer @ElaineSpencer · 2w

#mswl Historical women's fiction from underrepresented world events, view points, religions, family backgrounds, etc

Mekisha Telfer✨ @MekishaTelfer · 2w

I would love, love, love to see more (any!) #ownvoices #YA stories from black trans women in my inbox. Top of my #MSWL

Melissa Jeglinski @MJeglinski · 2w

WF version of PBS's A Chef's Life. Strong Southern woman doing things her own way while embracing lifestyle she'd left behind. #MSWL

Elaine Spencer @ElaineSpencer · 2w

#MSWL I've been looking for a club/hobby WF project for YEARS - one where the shared interest is almost like its own character

Melissa Jeglinski @MJeglinski · 2w

Women's Fiction with multiple generations and lots of secrets without being sugary sweet. Give me guts and glory. #MSWL

Jessica Faust @BookEndsJessica · 2w

magical realism. women's fiction for me. I'm still looking #mswl

Jessica Watterson @JessWatterson · 2w

#mswl day! I want amazing black women in US historical women's fiction. Gimme all of it pleaseeee!

Elaine Spencer @ElaineSpencer · 2w

#MSWL always love stories where food preparation and dining experience plays heavily into narrative and characters lives #WF #R #YA

Norma @normajeanesays · 2w

More plus-size protagonists in stories that don't include pageants or fashion. Different plots, please! #MSWL

Different plots and different body sizes too! Not all plus-sized women look the same: https://t.co/LHsBoUgUP8 #MSWL https://t.co/heskK1ZRtf