Kelly Van Sant @bookishchick · 1d

Hey writers! I've expanded on my submission guidelines and started a #MSWL at my website

Oftomes Publishing @oftomes · 4d

#MSWL : Looking for a apocalyptic novel, survival, friendship! Also: romance representing same sex romance & #OwnVoices

Rebecca Podos @RebeccaPodos · 6d

What I'd love right now: any genre YA (historical/ fantasy/ Sci-fi/ horror/ romance etc) with an #ownvoices Jewish MC 💕 #MSWL

MCainCityOwl @MaryCityOwl · 1w

Send me something in contemporary #romance that I haven't seen yet. Surprise me! #mswl

Theresa Cole @TheresaMCole · 1w

Also, just a quick #MSWL note... Entangled is a romance publisher, so if your book doesn't have a romance, we are not a good fit! #needlove

Jessica Alvarez @AgentJessicaA · 1w

Inspirational (aka Christian) fiction, particularly romance, is on my #MSWL . Historical or contemporary. And I’d LOVE to see more Amish.

Moe Ferrara @inthesestones · 1w

#Adult #MSWL : ALL THE ROMANCE (taboo, straight or LGBT, paranormal [no vampires!], historical), SciFi/Fantasy (light only please!)

TracyMarchini @TracyMarchini · 1w

Would love to see a YA with a forbidden romance (no stockholm syndrome, please.) #MSWL

Lisa Rodgers @_LisaRodgers · 1w

Dear SFF Writers, I would like to see more sexually promiscuous, non-objectified women who have no guilt or shame about their love of sex.

Also, romance writers. #mswl

Norma on Ice ✨⛸ @normajeanesays · 1w

Was just daydreaming about if Riz Ahmed was cast as the male romantic lead in a regency drama Then my pen slipped.

#MSWL 🚨#MSWL 🚨 #MSWL #WeNeedDiverseRomance @WOCInRomance , amirite?

Kathleen Hall @kathall21 · 1w

#mswl romance - cont, hist, susp, sci-fi, erotic(all heat levels), PN, fant - subs reopen Feb 1/17 check guidelines

Kathleen Hall @kathall21 · 1w

What's new at Champagne Books? Submissions reopen Feb 1/17 #mswl romance - all genres - any heat level

Josephine Hayes @josephine_hayes · 2w

My January #MSWL -really great commercial fiction (crime, romance, thriller, with a modern day or C20th historical setting) to escape into...

Lisa Rodgers @_LisaRodgers · 2w

Anyone have recs? I don't think I've read a romance with a trans man protagonist, but one must exist.

#MSWL romance with trans hero or trans heroine.