Justin Wells @Justin_941 · 2d

As of this week, my query box is pretty much empty! Perfect time to get your queries in!

Looking for: Diverse YA contemporary, YA horror (scary/psychological), YA + Adult historical fiction (early American, 15-16th century european), and Adult romance (no erotica)!


Ali Herring @HerringAli · 2d

#MSWL romance set on an island. 🌴 🥥 🌴 🥥 🌴 🥥 🌴 🥥 🌴

Rhonda Merwarth @RhondaMerwarth · 2d

FYI, @HallmarkPublish romances are chaste, with nothing more than a kiss or two, and no profanity, etc.

Oh, we're also seeking cozy mysteries! I'd love something with series potential. Fun, witty amateur protagonist. Nothing heavy or dark, please. #MSWL

Rhonda Merwarth @RhondaMerwarth · 2d

A few ideas we have (but by no means limited to):
-A light, funny love triangle
-Second-change romance featuring divorced mom with tweens/teens
-Military characters, firefighters, maybe an inspiring male teacher? #MSWL

Rhonda Merwarth @RhondaMerwarth · 2d

We're always looking for holiday romances! Summer, (a beach setting would be fun) autumn (not too Halloween-focused though), and Christmas/winter, especially. #MSWL

A Woman Reading @AWomanReading · 6d

Please send me your stories about the new #spaceforce. I am waiting. #MSWL Starship Trooper-ish (the book or film - they're very different) is fine. #YA, Adult or Romance???

Tiffany Shelton @TiffanyDiahann · Jun 13

#MSWL A rom-com in the style of The Wedding Date, Roomies, or The Kiss Quotient set in the south. Basically give me a rom-com Hart of Dixie.

Jhanteigh Kupihea @jhanteigh · Jun 12

Agents of the world! I'm new to my job and I'm thirsty. Send your best commercial fiction subs. Rom coms, horror, horror comedy, high-concept mysteries, YA with diverse characters: I'm here for it all. #mswl

Saritza☕️Hernandez @epubagent · Jun 12

#MSWL and if you know me, you know I’d love it even more as YA Romance.…

Trodayne Northern @TroNorth · Jun 7

Just in case our #MSWL...POC Intersectional work, magical funk realism-w/lush, succulent prose that dribble down your chin. Genre mashing/bending SFF. LGBTQ +, YA, Romance, Women's, Steam, Solar, Cyber punk, Gaslamp, Literary Fiction, Suspense/Thriller, Memoir w/platform.

Nephele Tempest @NepheleTempest · Jun 7

Would love to see some upbeat women's fiction, or at least with a happy ending. Great characters, strong voices, personal revelations, maybe w/ a bit of romance on the side. #MSWL

P.S. Literary Agency @PSLiterary · Jun 7

“Cute queer contemporary romances, like EVERYTHING LEADS TO YOU or SIMON VS THE HOMO SAPIENS AGENDA” @kurestinarmada #MSWL

Lynnette Novak @Lynnette_Novak · Jun 7

If I missed your #PitMad pitch, send query & 1st 5 pages in body of email to: querylynnette (at) theseymouragency (dot) com. Adult: fantasy, thriller, contemporary romance, rom-com, mystery & sci-fi. YA: fantasy, sci-fi, horror, contemporary, thriller, historical & mystery. #MSWL

Bethany Morehead @MoreheadBethany · Jun 6

#mswl On the lookout for some great romances...Amish love stories, Small Town Romances, Love Stories with adorable animals in the background. #submissions #romancewriter #Romance #romancenovels #agent #literaryagent #amwriting #amreading #acquisitions

Penny Moore @precociouspenny · Jun 5

I’m randomly in the mood for super fluffy and romantic YA contemporary right now. #mswl

Mike Hoogland @mike_hoogland · Jun 5

#MSWL: I'm NOT taking on any self-published books or their sequels. I AM looking for more mystery, romance and fantasy. Check out the @DGandBTweets website for my updated interests!