Laura Crockett @LECrockett · 15h

Very specific: A, YA, or MG about a painter (or apprentice to, or child of) during the 1666 London Fire. Straight HF or hist fantasy #mswl 😍

P.S. Literary Agency @PSLiterary · 23h

"I’m also looking for nonfiction for kids! Both YA and MG. Any topic goes—surprise me!" @msmariavicente #MSWL

Melissa Edwards @MelissaLaurenE · 1d

I'm feeling really into MG/ YA with specific settings these days. Transport me! #MSWL

Brooks Sherman 📚+✊ @byobrooks · 2d

Also deeply into MG Mystery & Adventure lately #MSWL

But not as much as I am. #MSWL

JenniferMarchSoloway @marchsoloway · 6d

The perfect setting for a MG novel: Refs are fleeing youth sports because of anger on the sidelines #MSWL via @WSJ

Naomi Davis @NaomisLitPix · 1w

I really want to read MG re: periods, w/snarky voice&honesty about how periods are cool & also sometimes suck.Trans-boy inclusive #mswl

Lauren Spieller @laurenspieller · 1w

I want more funny books! Funny MG, funny YA! FUNNY ADULT! #mswl

Brianne Johnson @SecretAgentBri · 1w

Still (and prob always, who am I kidding) looking for witchy, beautiful, grounded Practical Magic-y fiction in MG,…

Natascha Morris @SoCalledYALife · 1w

Super random #MSWL : I want a middle grade that features hoarding or homeschooling. Bonus points if it is both!

I dibs firsr! Send them hoarding to me! #MSWL

Lauren Spieller @laurenspieller · 1w

Super random #MSWL : I want a middle grade that features hoarding or homeschooling. Bonus points if it is both!

Roseanne Wells @RivetingRosie · 2w

And still looking for the #ownvoices ace/aro deep dive into why our culture is obsessed with sex, love, romance, etc. MG, YA, other #MSWL

Roseanne Wells @RivetingRosie · 2w

I would love to see more queer MG and YA books. Maybe a masc/masc lesbian relationship? Breaking the masc/femme dynamic in queerness #MSWL

Alex Y. Arnold @alexyarnold · 2w

I gravitate most towards magical realism, contemporary realistic, puzzle novels, & quirky/accessible fantasy

Anyway, if you've got anything that seems like a fit, I'd love to read! My #MSWL is here if you want to see more:

Natascha Morris @SoCalledYALife · 2w

I'm looking for a awesome graphic novel for middle grade and young adult! #MSWL

Susan Graham @Grahamophones · 2w

#mswl - when I say I want a spy thriller for YA w/ a lady protag, I secretly mean Agent Cody Banks w/ a lady protag. For YA OR MG, not picky

Alex Slater @abuckslater · 2w

Nebraska girl DQ'd from soccer game because she was listed as a boy. So her teammates cut their hair in solidarity…

Here the climactic scene of my favorite, unwritten middle grade novel. #MSWL