P.S. Literary Agency @PSLiterary · 6d

"Commercial/upmarket fiction that handles family secrets/reconciliation w/tenderness like TELL THE WOLVES I'M HOME" @kurestinarmada #MSWL

Sarah Guan @Sarah_Guan · Oct 2

Sarah Guan @Sarah_Guan

All this chatter about a vampire (and werewolf) comeback. I have thoughts...

I like my supernatural, human-but-not characters. But I’d love some new takes—not the resurrecting of classics that worked the last time around. Let’s see new perspectives get a bite at that apple.

After a fantastic chat with @hroot, @tayhaggerty, and the Orbit editorial team this afternoon, I’ve realized that one of my evergreen #MSWL items is “sprawling, deeply messed up, magical families who both love and hate each other, and maybe change the world sometimes.”

P.S. Literary Agency @PSLiterary · Oct 1

"Family secrets & single events that chance the course of many lives i.e. COMMONWEALTH, ONE DAY, VERSIONS OF US, ATONEMENT" @carlywatters #MSWL

Rotem Moscovich @Spanish_Broom · Sep 26

Send me your YA or MG GNs that capture the immigrant family feel of Kim’s Convenience! #mswl

Kristy Hunter @KristySHunter · Sep 25

I'd love to find a multi-generational story that completely pulls you. Something that really highlights the complexity of family relationships—all the love and crazy. #a #wf #ownvoices #MSWL

P.S. Literary Agency @PSLiterary · Sep 21

"Commercial/upmarket fiction that handles family secrets/reconciliation w/tenderness like THE MEMORY GARDEN" @kurestinarmada #MSWL

Weronika Janczuk @WeronikaJanczuk · Sep 18

Has everyone seen the trailer for *Mary Poppins Returns*? If not, it's an absolute must: I'd absolutely love a #novel that captures something of the vibrant imagination, color, humor, and family life portrayed here! #MSWL

Tahra Seplowin @calixofcoffee · Sep 12

Super voicey, dramatic, fun, sexy (or not!) stories that feature a big, nosy, means-well-but-talks-candid Latinx family. If you grinned at that, you know just what kind of family I'm talking about. #mswl

Sarah Guan @Sarah_Guan · Sep 12

Is it still #MSWL day?

Someone send me an adult SFF novel centering a messy, diverse found family who have to overthrow the empire, or uncover a plot, or fight off invaders—but at the end of the day, you know they’re doing it to save each other as much as to “save the world.”

Meredith Bernstein @mgoodbern · Sep 12

As it’s #MSWL day, I’d like to find several things in my inbox: hypnotic family saga(multigenerational ); psychological suspense with wit and insight; love story with big emotional twists. And any truly platform driven non-fiction. Send it!!

Marisa DiNovis @dinovisms · Sep 12

It's #mswl day! Ok, so...
- queer girl contemp realistic graphic novels in YA
- & lgbtq+ characters and stories in any format and genre for any age, but especially MG
- found/chosen family narratives in YA
- sex-positive YA
- Own Voices stories w/ South & Central America settings

Amanda Isabel Ramirez @AmandaIsA_Ram · Sep 12

Just had a great brainstorming meeting with the gals so, to completely rip-off of @thejumbles: #MSWL stories about death & dying & grief, family, and hope à la THEY BOTH DIE AT THE END and "Seeking a Friend for the End of the World"

dongwon @dongwon · Sep 12

Author/illustrator graphic novels for YA and MG. Something fluffy and with a good romance. I love found family stories and kids finding ways to resist corrupt power structures. A unique visual style and a distinct perspective is essential. #MSWL

Alyssa Jennette @AlyssaJennette · Sep 12

#MSWL A novel--for any age group--about the breaking point in a friendship or family relationship. Tell me about having the strength to end contact with someone who can't be helped/is actively toxic. Relatedly: a book about intentional familial estrangement and its effects.

Stephanie Stein @stephlystein · Sep 12

Thrilled to see 2019 already trying to make witches happen. Multigenerational, feminist, family-heavy witch book for YA or MG? Do want! #mswl

Allison Moore 📚 @allisonm610 · Sep 12

And I'm always looking for stories with perennial themes (love, fears, family) that could pop on holiday promotion, like my darling Dad By My Side #MSWL

Quressa Grave Robber-Son (she/her/queen) @qnrisawesome · Sep 12

Stories about generational wealth in POC families. And stories about moving into a higher socioeconomic status than the rest of ones family. #MSWL