By Publishers

Oftomes Publishing @oftomes · 1w

#MSWL : We are looking for LitRPG novels in the YA or NA genre. #GamesOn

Oftomes Publishing @oftomes · 2w

Our #MSWL : #YA fantasy filled with magic & mystery. Also: #YA apocalyptic / survival story! Open for 2018 release.

Pantera Press @PanteraPress · 2w

Lucy's Monday #MSWL : "YA where the protagonist's life is uprooted and they have to move from the big smoke to the country, or vice versa."

Alisa Gus @WhampaChick · 3w

#mswl /2017/03/why-happily-ever-after-isnt-cool-anymore.html got anything like this?

Tu Books @tubooks · 3w

If this is true, make it a YA and it's on my #MSWL .

Pantera Press @PanteraPress · 3w

Going underwater for this #MSWL from Lucy "Fantasy romance with mermaids. Beautiful mermaids, hot mermen, and a glittering undersea world."

Stacy Whitman @stacylwhitman · Feb 22

Over at @tubooks I talked abt part of my #MSWL : Native American/indigenous & Muslim #ownvoices MG/YA novels & graphic novels.

Tu Books @tubooks · Feb 22

We'd love to see Native & Muslim Nimonas, Marches, That One Summers in our inbox. #MSWL

Tu Books @tubooks · Feb 22

For example, we love what @arigonstarr & Theo Tso are doing w/ Super Indian & Captain Paiute respectively. Seeking full-length GNs. #MSWL

Tu Books @tubooks · Feb 22

We're also actively looking for graphic novels for young readers (MG/YA) starring Native & Muslim characters. #MSWL

Tu Books @tubooks · Feb 22

.@CCBCwisc doesn't break down Muslim representation or Middle Eastern origin representation (some included in Asian?) but>

<that's also on our #MSWL --MG/YA starring Muslim characters from any culture, and/or Middle Eastern origin (not synonymous).

Tu Books @tubooks · Feb 22

The numbers for Native American/First Nations are dismal, as well. Our #MSWL includes MG & YA contemporary & SFF by/abt indigenous ppl.

Alisa Gus @WhampaChick · Feb 17

Rewatching Carnivale. Wish I could see beyond 2nd season. Or better yet - read something similar. #MSWL Pretty please! @CuriosityQuills

Pantera Press @PanteraPress · Feb 12

Lucy's #MSWL : Horror with a watery setting. An island, a beach house, a cruise, a lake. The unseen swimming beneath you is terrifying! #Jaws

Tu Books @tubooks · Feb 9

Contemporary realism is welcome too with those strong hooks. #MSWL

Tu Books @tubooks · Feb 9

In general, we love MG & YA SFF, mystery & historical fiction that grabs readers & hooks teachers & librarians handing them the books. #MSWL

Tu Books @tubooks · Feb 9

For illustrators, we'd like to see solid portfolios that show your graphic novel/comic chops in long form. #MSWL

Tu Books @tubooks · Feb 9

For writers, we'd like to see graphic novel scripts. Guidelines here: #MSWL