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Amy Rosenbaum @simplebookworm · 1d

Watching Say Yes to the Dress on and off and oh my gosh there is a hijabi consultant at Kleinfeld and I need a YA/NA contemp now. #RBWL

#MSWL , y'all!

Rach Crawford @RachAC · 6d

Jonesing for female-driven literary fiction: friendships, lovers, motherhood. #MSWL Also literary, lady-driven horror.

Kathleen Hall @kathall21 · 1w

#mswl romance - cont, hist, susp, sci-fi, erotic(all heat levels), PN, fant - subs reopen Feb 1/17 check guidelines

Kathleen Hall @kathall21 · 1w

What's new at Champagne Books? Submissions reopen Feb 1/17 #mswl romance - all genres - any heat level

Kelvin K. @kingvonelk · 2w

#mswl Elena Ferrante's Neapolitan Novels but set in Hong Kong.

Cori Vidae @CoriVidae · Dec 16

#SFFlunch @WendySparrow Each of our editors will post a #MSWL as we get closer to the submission period. #SFFlunch #pubtip

Spoilers: The short version of my #MSWL is -- time travel, steampunk and/or non-wolf shapeshifters. #sfflunch @WorldWeaver_wwp

Amy Rosenbaum @simplebookworm · Dec 10

Cassandra is still the most tragic story to come out of the Trojan War. Any good books on her? #MSWL

Amy Rosenbaum @simplebookworm · Dec 4

#MSWL as a YA rom com: Two teens partner up to make crossword puzzles

Norah Myers @bookish_norah · Dec 4

A novel about a couple who stay together after an affair. #MSWL

Andrea Cascardi @aecbks · Nov 3

#MSWL cathartic middle grade novel. I need a good honest cry.

Cheri Champagne @CheriChampagne · Oct 21

Pandamoon Pub's submissions are open until Nov 7 '16! My #MSWL is Historical Romance and Space Opera. #submissions

Cheri Champagne @CheriChampagne · Oct 19

@pandamoonpub 's submissions are officially open! They will close again on Nov 7 '16, so get your subs in! My #MSWL is historical romance!

Danicula Boohowlski @dani_bukie · Oct 10

I have responded to all queries sent before September 1! Seeking psychological thrillers, marginalized voices, women's fiction #MSWL

Norah Myers @bookish_norah · Oct 8

A memoir that doesn't have a happy ending. People don't always get better. #MSWL

Amy RosenBOOm @simplebookworm · Oct 7

@simplebookworm I have written this book! (MG) -Can I send it to you? ( I saw that you're closed to queries)

@LindseyAquila Hi, Lindsey! I am closed to queries rn. I use #MSWL to keep track of what I want for the future. I do appreciate you asking!

Amy RosenBOOm @simplebookworm · Oct 6

I'm craving manuscripts where the protagonists aren't just tough or smart...I want characters who are clever. #MSWL

Andrea Cascardi @aecbks · Sep 28

Okay, so about 70 percent of the editors at this speed meeting event want magical realism. ME TOO. Where is it?? #MSWL

@jsinsheim Me, too! #MSWL #magicalrealism .

Danielle Bukowski @dani_bukie · Sep 27

I would love to see more psychological thrillers with diverse characters in my inbox! #MSWL #WeNeedDiverseBooks #querytip

Amy Rosenbaum @simplebookworm · Sep 26

Somebody write me this musical video as a YA novel, please. I need it: #MSWL #moreGLBTQAIYA