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Cheri Champagne @CheriChampagne · 5d

Reading pitches at #PitDark today! My #M SWL is #M , #T , #S , #Dys , #S O, and anything with zombies. Good luck today, everyone! Happy Pitching!

Amy Rosenbaum @simplebookworm · 1w

The Girls’ Soccer Team That Joined a Boys’ League, and Won It


Danielle Bukowski @dani_bukie · 1w

#MSWL I am temporarily closed to new queries so I can focus on reading requested fulls! I will respond to your query if you've already sent

Rach Crawford @RachAC · 2w

Apropos of nothing, 🙌 Busy Phillips as Kim Kelly. I just love that character so much.

Actually, let's call this a #MSWL . YA with Kim Kelly-esque protagonists.

Rach Crawford @RachAC · 3w

Holy crap--got a sneak peek at the NYTBR review of Borne that runs May 7 and it's a rave too. Snippet below. Wow. A…

Eco-fiction for the win! #MSWL

Danielle Bukowski @dani_bukie · 3w

I would love to read the novel version of EVICTED... maybe this will manifest one in my inbox? #MSWL

Rach Crawford @RachAC · Apr 21

This is one of my very favorite books. An incredible exploration of language, communication & linguistics. Beautifu…

#MSWL , btw.

Andrea Cascardi @aecbks · Apr 18

Still looking for a MG that makes me cry. #MSWL

Danielle Bukowski @dani_bukie · Apr 12

#MSWL #amquerying some frequent problems I see with queries: assuming your novel will be published in 2017 & using hypertimely news 2 entice

Amy Rosenbaum @simplebookworm · Apr 6

"Baba Yaga is absolutely my favorite witch lady. Her house is on chicken legs." --@MekishaTelfer

AGREED. I want more Baba Yaga stories. #MSWL

Amy Rosenbaum @simplebookworm · Mar 30

This is some GRADE-A social media detecting right here.

@katiecotugno Next thing, she gets hired by the FBI. (Also, I think I sense a YA book two ways: civilian Veronica M…

Danielle Bukowski @dani_bukie · Mar 26

The Gig Economy is Killing Us: #lyft #Fiverr

I would love to see a brutally honest novel about the gig economy... #MSWL #amquerying #amwriting #amagenting

Danielle Bukowski @dani_bukie · Mar 23

& literary fiction fully engaged w/modernity (3/3) #amquerying #querytip #MSWL

Danielle Bukowski @dani_bukie · Mar 23

I also love campus novels! More campus novels tackling contemporary issues, please. #amquerying #MSWL

Danielle Bukowski @dani_bukie · Mar 21

Contemporary women's fiction from marginalized voices (would love mental health issues respectfully handled, in particular) (2/3)

Danielle Bukowski @dani_bukie · Mar 16

#MSWL I get quite a few queries for Southern Gothic novels... I don't do Southern Gothic! Spanish moss is scary enough for me. #amquerying

Michael Underwood @MikeRUnderwood · Mar 14

Mass Effect games (even ME2's Dirty Dozen in space), fit into my "Yes, give me more heroic and optimistic SF!" aesthetic, and in a big way.

So, #MSWL - send me space opera that makes me feel hopeful about society and the future like B5 and Mass Effect make me feel.