By Literary Assistants

James McGowan @jamerrson · Oct 9

Send me all your dark, Halloween vibe mystery/thriller books like The Broken Girls by Simone St. James or In The Woods by Tana French #MSWL

James McGowan @jamerrson · Oct 3

Across everything, Diversity is a huge priority for me and @bookendslit. I’d love to see any type of #Ownvoices across all of these genres. #MSWL

James McGowan @jamerrson · Oct 3

Lastly, as a PB writer... PBs! I have a stupid sense of humor so anything funny like Elise Parsley or Jason Carter Eaton. One of my favorites is RL Stine’s LITTLE SHOP OF MONSTERS. #MSWL

James McGowan @jamerrson · Oct 3

I’m also on the hunt for #YA. Less SFF more contemp & thrillers. Open to anything. Male POV would be great (not necessary). Karen McManus, Jason Reynold, Patrick Ness, Neal Shusterman #MSWL

James McGowan @jamerrson · Oct 3

Also, #Mystery, #Suspense & #Thrillers. Favorites: Tana French, Jane Harper, Kim McCreight, Noah Hawley. The darker the better. Small towns, Homecomings, Unsolved Cases #MSWL

Allie Levick @AllieLevick · Sep 29

Ex: Bridget Cleary, an Irish woman who had her own businesses and made her own income, whose husband murdered her because he was convinced she was a changeling. I’d LOVE a story about Bridget ACTUALLY being a changeling or witch and seeking her revenge. #MSWL #amquerying

Allie Levick @AllieLevick · Sep 29

I would love to see historically inspired stories of people who were harmed by the patriarchy taking back their own narrative. People whose otherness and differences were what made them “threatening” to white, cis men at their time. *particularly* with a speculative twist. #MSWL

Allie Levick @AllieLevick · Sep 12

Oh, it’s #MSWLday is it?! Bring on the weird, the strange, the speculative, the twisty for ALL ages, and particularly from those who have been historically underrepresented or misrepresented in books. #MSWL

Brenna English-Loeb @benglishhh · Sep 12

Please send me sci-fi/fantasy/mystery/thrillers, ya or adult, especially those that are character driven or investigate genre tropes
I’m also a sucker for anything with a strong environment, either literally or figuratively

Devyross @Devyross · Sep 12

I'm looking for adult fiction written for millennials (EX Sweetbitter, The Assistants). I'd also love to see some hilarious commercial fiction like Life and Other Near Death Experiences or Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine. #MSWL

Devyross @Devyross · Sep 12

In #YA and #Adult I'd love to see magical realism (a recent fave is All The Birds in the Sky) as well as historical fantasy that throws me into an unexpected time. I have a weakness for anything Victorian or Jane Austen. Lastly: Assassins. Anything with assassins #MSWL

Susan Velazquez @susannprogress · Sep 12

🆆🆁🅴🅺🅴🅷🅰🆅🅾🅲 @wrekehavoc

@susannprogress Your site says you are not currently accepting queries. Will that be changing any time soon? Thanks!

Hi @wrekehavoc and anyone else with a similar question! I'm not open to general queries yet but if you have something that fits in with my #MSWL you may send your query to