By Literary Agencys

P.S. Literary Agency @PSLiterary · May 9

"Historical fiction along the lines of THE MINIATURIST or THE GOLEM AND THE JINNI." @kurestinarmada #MSWL

P.S. Literary Agency @PSLiterary · May 8

"Crime fiction like Ian Rankin, Chevy Stevens, Patricia Cornwell, & Lee Child." @CurtisPSLA #MSWL

P.S. Literary Agency @PSLiterary · May 7

"Non fiction: parenting, feminism, health, wellness, business, essay collections—from individuals with large platforms (bloggers, YouTube, newsletters etc)” @carlywatters #MSWL

P.S. Literary Agency @PSLiterary · May 5

"Eerie mystery for #YA. Unusual structure or elements. Think NIGHT FILM for a younger market." @msmariavicente #MSWL

Jill Corcoran @JillCorcoran · May 4

As I look for authors for @CallistoMedia and check out prospective authors/subject matter experts' social media platforms, I am amazed at how many people do not know how to market themselves. I feel like writing each one and advising them. #Nonfiction #Authors #MSWL #pubtip

P.S. Literary Agency @PSLiterary · May 4

"YA version of the young members of the Leverage team (Hardison, Eliot, and Parker)! I love thieves for good." @kurestinarmada #MSWL

P.S. Literary Agency @PSLiterary · May 2

"Literary mysteries/suspense/thrillers with female lead i.e. DARK PLACES, YOU WILL KNOW ME, THE FEVER, THE POWER” @carlywatters #MSWL

P.S. Literary Agency @PSLiterary · May 1

"Essay collections: Give me your awkward confessions. Make me laugh." @ericsmithrocks #MSWL

P.S. Literary Agency @PSLiterary · Apr 29

"Science fiction that explores the future & past of the world, like REVELATION SPACE." @kurestinarmada #MSWL

P.S. Literary Agency @PSLiterary · Apr 28

"Non-fiction like Joseph McCormack's BRIEF: MAKE A BIGGER IMPACT BY SAYING LESS" @CurtisPSLA #MSWL

P.S. Literary Agency @PSLiterary · Apr 27

"Multi POV, time slip or dual past/present narrative structure women’s fiction, historical, domestic suspense, or upmarket like THE ALICE NETWORK, THE SUBWAY GIRLS." @carlywatters #MSWL

P.S. Literary Agency @PSLiterary · Apr 26

"Non-fic that explains big ideas & large concepts in ways that are accessible, fun, and humorous." @ericsmithrocks #MSWL

Jill Corcoran @JillCorcoran · Apr 24

Just revised my profile to include my amazing new gig: Jill Corcoran Literary Agency, Senior Commissioning Editor at Callisto Media, @Stanford English & @UChicago MBA Finance+Marketing. More info to come including what I am looking to acquire at Callisto Media #MSWL

P.S. Literary Agency @PSLiterary · Apr 24

"Historical fiction where the city is a fully fleshed out character in its own right, in an unexpected time and place.” @kurestinarmada #MSWL

P.S. Literary Agency @PSLiterary · Apr 23

"Thriller (legal, medical, political, etc.), Mystery (cozy, private eye, police procedural, etc.)" @CurtisPSLA #MSWL

P.S. Literary Agency @PSLiterary · Apr 22

"I’ve been fascinated by this actual event for a decade. Looking for a historical women’s fiction/book club book about garment district’s 1911 shirtwaist fire tragedy." @carlywatters #MSWL