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Navah Jade Skywalker @navahw · Aug 1

N. K. Jemisin @nkjemisin

Every time I see another mediocre Europe-based fantasy, I think of how many brilliant non-European fantasies got rejected to make room for it.

PLEASE send me non-European fantasy!

Epic fantasy, dark fantasy, heroic fantasy, sparkly fantasy, some other fantasy subgenre I haven't named, all of them!

I'm hungry for it. I don't just want one, I'm not looking to fill one slot. I want a lot of them. #mswl

Navah Jade Skywalker @navahw · May 14

Someone just described Solo as Ocean's Eleven in space, and that is LITERALLY a description of the thing I want most in life. #mswl

Navah Jade Skywalker @navahw · 18 Oct 2017

Lee Jackson @VictorianLondon


An army of lady cyclist detectives at my disposal is pretty much all I have ever wanted in life. (also, #mswl, of course.)