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Forever Romance

Madeleine Colavita @m_colavita · Feb 26

Beta in the streets, Alpha in the sheets. #MSWL

Madeleine Colavita @m_colavita · 12 Sep 2017

The Ocean's 11 all-lady remake, but in book form. I want to see complicated, messy, beautiful, funny, supportive female relationships. #MSWL

Madeleine Colavita @m_colavita · 8 Feb 2017

High on my #MSWL this year is Jane the Virgin in romance novel form. I don't know exactly what it would look like, but that's what I want.

Madeleine Colavita @m_colavita · 20 Jan 2016

Also on my 2016 #MSWL: cowboys/westerns; strong heroines who know who they are; and Jane the Virgin in (romance) novel form.