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Executive Editor at FSG BYR/Macmillan Children’s Publishing Group. Opinions are my own. Please note: I am open to agented submissions only.

Farrar, Straus & Giroux

janine o'malley @janine_omalley · Apr 10

On my #MSWL, contemporary middle grade books about boys and friendship. Boys care and worry about and love their friends, but there aren’t enough books that tackle those emotions and experiences.

janine o'malley @janine_omalley · Mar 16

On my #mswl, books that foster empathy and compassion, that empower and inspire, that raise awareness, and show kids that there is magic and beauty in our world.

janine o'malley @janine_omalley · 20 Jun 2017

All this talk about witch hunts makes me want a contemporary YA with a witch hunt. #mswl

janine o'malley @janine_omalley · 28 Jan 2017

In light of walls & bans, I have made it my mission in 2017 to acquire books that raise awareness & foster empathy & compassion. #mswl

janine o'malley @janine_omalley · 27 Jan 2017

I've got a lot of YA submissions to read right now, which is good, but I'm really, really eager for some literary middle grade reads. #mswl

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