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Nivia Evans @NiviaEvans · Nov 29

I'm hungry for a fantasy that incorporate American folklore: Appalachian, Mississippi Delta, Gullah, etc. Our stories are rich and vibrant and we don't see enough of them in the speculative space. #mswl

Nivia Evans @NiviaEvans · Nov 13

Currently in the mood for lost histories, fallen gods, magic-infused cities, and dark, gothic woods...not necessarily in the same book. #mswl

Nivia Evans @NiviaEvans · Oct 18

I started watching The Rise of Phoenixes last night and I'm in love, which means I now want a intricate political fantasy with siblings vying for dominace, revenge, false smiles, and a love burdened by past decisions. #mswl

Nivia Evans @NiviaEvans · Sep 12

::slides in: One more! Real historical events retold in secondary world fantasy settings: Hannibal's march on Rome, the rise of Shaka Zulu, Spanish Inquisition, Japanese colonialism, etc. #MSWL

Nivia Evans @NiviaEvans · Sep 12

I think this is my final one of the day, so... black women writing ADULT fantasy and science fiction. I know y'all are out there. #mswl

Nivia Evans @NiviaEvans · Sep 12

#MSWL Potions! Apothecaries, hedge witches, the lady down the road that makes a mean red sauce that will steal your man. Secondary world, contemporary...idc, make it happen.

Nivia Evans @NiviaEvans · Sep 12

#MSWL American Horror Story: Coven...but good. Gothic boarding schools, empowered women, clash of ideals, exploration of how history and culture shapes magic

Nivia Evans @NiviaEvans · Sep 12

Unusual fantasy creatures (trolls, orcs, goblins, etc.) as the MC in an adventure fantasy. Let humans sit on the sidelines for a bit. #mswl.

Nivia Evans @NiviaEvans · Aug 6

Secondary world fantasy in an urban setting. I love books like CITY OF STAIRS and THREE PARTS DEAD. #mswl

Nivia Evans @NiviaEvans · Jul 2

#MSWL, a space opera with a love story as epic as #Farscape's John and Aeryn's. It's literally one of the best I've ever seen.

Nivia Evans @NiviaEvans · Jun 6

I'm in the mood for an inventive, female-led magic school story, but from the teacher's POV. Please and thank you. #mswl

Nivia Evans @NiviaEvans · May 17

Any SF adventure books where the MC is a reporter/journalist? Not near future, but actually taking place in space on a colony or alien planet... I would love to see that #mswl

Nivia Evans @NiviaEvans · May 10

#mswl dark, gothic creature feature, murders, unrequited sexual tension, found family...basically #PennyDreadful in book form.

Nivia Evans @NiviaEvans · Apr 30

#mswl: Xena Warrior Princess meets D&D

Nivia Evans @NiviaEvans · Apr 5

Nivia Evans @NiviaEvans

Today's #mswl: secondary world low fantasy inspired by Hannibal's march on Italy.

ALSO! #mswl: secondary world low or high fantasy retelling of the rise of Shaka kaSenzangakhona, better known as Shaka Zulu. Please and thank you!

Nivia Evans @NiviaEvans · Apr 5

Today's #mswl: secondary world low fantasy inspired by Hannibal's march on Italy.

Nivia Evans @NiviaEvans · Feb 14

#mswl Black family saga + Southern Gothic + Hoodoo + lush writing

Nivia Evans @NiviaEvans · Feb 12

#MSWL This! I'm sure a million people have asked for this, but put these ladies in space and give them an adventure that saves the galaxy. Every time this photo crosses my path, I pet it lovingly and say "one day."